Family Radio Living Room_well-known-songComing weekend, we will wrestle with singing old songs and creating new ones…!


The two-day session will combine our knowledge of instant composition with the phenomena/skill of “singing a song” and melt it together in one weekend. You can either come with a prepared song or completely blank, and we will workshop how to integrate different styles of song-singing into Genetic Choir improvisations. Those who want to purely improvise will be challenged with the task of solo improvising and story-telling (a song is more than an abstract sound-carpet). And those who like to work with their existing song will be taken on journeys of non-idiomatic ensemble improvisations with it. 🙂

The workshop brings together all the experience the Genetic Choir has gathered earlier in Melody Makers, the Well-known-song workshops and the research on Phrasing.

Two full days, 10:30-17:00  /  110,- exBTW (130,10 incl.)   /  Amsterdam
If you would like to join, send us a message through the Contact page.        

“The Art of Change” in the Akoesticum

On the 6th of November 2014, there will be an introduction to the Genetic Choir method in the Akoesticum in Ede (NL). This workshop is part of a 2-day conference “De Kunst van Veranderen” (“the art of change”), which addresses the current challenges and interests of musicians and art makers when working either community-based, with new working methods or with unusual audiences.

Thomas will give a workshop/lecture about the Genetic Choir in the afternoon between 3 and 4:30.

Also the rest of the conference is very much worth you attention (Dutch language, though). Look for the whole program here.


Genetic Choir sessions October + December

Hi there,

this Sunday is another Genetic Choir session, open to all singers from the Genetic Choir pool of soundmakers.

Title of the session: THE SAME

Inspired by my work at the moment around the theme ‘Doppelgänger’, we will look at the fantastically weird ways in which things can be “one and the same” in voice improvisation. I am totally hooked at the moment to this phenomenon. It’s the evil twin of the copy work we apply more often, and actually points at a mysterious connection where two (or more) voices that are on the surface not at all identical in what they are doing can be very much “the same” or doubles of each other. Creepy, he?

Explore it with me next Sunday,
2 October 2011 from 13:30-17:30
Place: Circuswerkplaats Boost

After that, the next session will be on 4 December 2011, 13:30-17:30 at Studio Wladiwostok (Azartplein, Amsterdam)

see you on Sunday,


The photo is courtesy of Petr Břinčil, from Prague. See here his home page: www.onekissfree.cz

Genetic Choir on Czech Radio – Vltava

Tomorrow at 15:00, Thomas Johannsen will be interviewed about the Genetic Choir in the cultural programme ‘Mozaika’ on Czech National Radio Channel ‘Vltava’. If you want, you can stream the broadcast on your computer via their website: www.rozhlas.cz/mozaika***

The interview will be about Instant Vocal Composition and some Genetic Choir recordings will be played during the programme. This all because of the Genetic Choir workshop in Prague this weekend, at hlasohled.cz!

***The interview has been recorded and is now online: http://www.rozhlas.cz/mozaika/hoste/_zprava/thomas-johannsen-a-ridina-ahmedova-hlasohled–943054

Instant Composition Workshop

Welcome to 2011!

The regular sessions of the Genetic Choir keep going, but there is also a special workshop coming up, open to any singers with some decent improvisation experience:

The Genetic Chamber Choir

a 6-part workshop: 3 full days and 3 evenings within a month, including performance – February 23rd to March 24th 2011 – Amsterdam

We we will go deeply into all the aspects of vocal instant composition: Singing solo, duet, trio, creating long-spun symphonies and exhilarating rythms. Heating up material, letting it explode. Recycle it later. Subtelties of copying, counterpointing, absorbing and transforming. We will look more extensively into styles, textures, structures, story and how to use and mix all this in a vocal ensemble where nobody has the control.

You should be an experienced improvisation singer to join this workshop.

Click here for more information and how to apply.

Last chance to join the Choir this Sunday

hi there,

if you consider joining the Genetic Choir, the coming Sunday (19th of September 2010) is your chance to get to know the way we are working, and – if you like it – join the Choir for the coming season.

Look here for the workshop information.

Ater this Sunday, the next Open Workshop will be in September 2011.

If you want to hear about the concerts, other workshops, and the occasional informal invitation to come and listen to us during one of our sessions, sign up to this blog (see ‘Follow the Genetic Choir’ on the right) – we’ll keep you posted!

See you around!


Open Workshop for season 2010/2011

Hi there,
Beste mensen,

there is an open workshop again for all those interested in getting to know the Genetic Choir!

What is the Genetic Choir? click here

Er is 19 september weer een open worskhop voor iedereen die mee wil doen aan de Genetic Choir volgend seizoen, of gewoon een keer wil ruiken aan onze manier van werken.

People who consider joining the choir for the coming season are required to join the workshop. You don’t need a specific voice or singing background, everybody is welcome. All you need is an open mind and interest to work as part of a group.

the date: Sunday, 19 September 2010
the time: 11:00-18:00

contribution for the workshop: 25 Euro
place of the workshop will be announced.

Please send me an e-mail if you’d like to join.

Als je niet of nauwelijks Engels praat ben je trouwens ook welkom! 🙂 Afhankelijk van de deelnemers in het koor spreken we Nederlands en/of Engels. Wil je meer informatie omdat je geen Engels spreekt, of weet je al dat je mee wil doen, de 19de stuur me dan een e-mail.

Furthermore, the dates for the choir session until Februari 2011 are:

26 September 17 October
28 November
19 December
16 Januari
13 Februari
27 Februari (concert)

All sundays, 14:30-18:00

As a new member, you first need to take part in the Open Workshop on 19 September in order to join the regular sessions.

All the best,

new season Genetic Choir 2009/2010


There is an open workshop coming up for everyone who likes to get to know the Genetic Choir.
By now, the choir has grown so much that if you want to come to the regular sessions in the coming season and you are new to the Genetic Choir, you need to come to this workshop first.

But also if you simply want to check it out and enjoy this day of singing and instant composing, you are very much invited!

Date: 6th September 2009
Time: 11:00-18:00
Place: Amsterdam

If you are interested, contact me by writing an e-mail.

What is the Genetic Choir? Click here!