Midas felt like flying

Midas_Dekkers_2It was an unexpected compliment by Dutch biologist and writer Midas Dekkers, last night at the end of “Alive&Buzzing”:

“What I thought was the most beautiful thing this evening, that was the Genetic Choir…”

On an evening about insects, food and literature, audience could not only taste baked grasshoppers and worms (tasting better than they look, actually), but also listen to instantly composed music by the Genetic Choir. We reacted on the talks about insects with musical interludes and created intense moments of short-strange-prose together with the writers of the Vorlesebühne.

SAMSUNGMidas: “These sounds… some of them… I had to laugh, but it also did something to me. I really got this urge to fly!”

We had a great time ourselves.

With thanks to the Bibliotheek Utrecht who organised it, and Vorlesebühne-writers Bernhard Christiansen, Sylvia Hubers and Hiekelien van den Herik for (again) a lovely collaboration.

Here the opening number of the evening, featuring an insect text by Hiekelien:


And for our Dutch followers: hier het citaat van Midas in zijn originele context (tafelheer Oscar Kocken evalueert de avond met Midas Dekkers):




Workshops coming up!

Hi everybody!

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26-28 August, starting Friday evening.

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SUNDAY 28th in the afternoon is also the first GC session of the season – for all Genetic Choir singers (including the people who have done the workshop of course)

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