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Here a few examples of Genetic Choir music.

First a few video’s from our concert projects, then soundcloud audio of compositions that all have been created instantly, without a conductor and without agreements about the structure beforehand. This means the composer of all this music can not be named: It exists by virtue of the complex, self-organizing system of the choir, as it is composing in free interaction of the singers. Put on your headphones, lean back and get lost…

In december 2015, the Genetic Choir has released its 2nd album, under the Dutch lable Loplop. More information about this CD: click here    You can also find our album on Spotify!

Instant Composition 14052506 – Genesis

Instant Composition 14083011 – Sing, Fallen Angels, Sing

Instant Composition 14083013 – The End Of Times

“Beach” – from the soundtrack of Icebear in the Jungle

remix of a GC composition with writer V. Phiri & sound artist I. vd Kroonenberg

Instant Composition 14081319 – Those who dug down deep

Instant Composition 13110202 – Insects Concert Welcome

Instant Composition 1206243 – Burning Piano

Instant Composition 1205052 – Ixion

Instant Composition 1206169 – Du

Instant Composition 1302235 – SpaceOddyssey (no Major Tom)

Instant Composition 1304071 – Pas ce soir

Instant Composition 12061611 – Olin

Instant Composition 1104202 – Trytone Vowel Composition


About the pieces:

In general, the Genetic Choir does not make any musical agreements about their compositions beforehand. The pieces start from nothing and from the specific silence of the performance space we’re in and therefore are in the truest possible way ‘free improvisation’.

Composition codes reflect the recording date + number of the piece on that concert. The added titles were simply invented afterwards, for easier recognition of pieces we liked.

On a few occasions (here only in Composition 1104202 and 1302235), we do define certain musical material that we are interested in and therefore, the composition will gravitate around that type of material. On other occasions, we perform graphic scores or decide to read a painting as a graphic score as on 1205052 and 12061611)

You can leave comments per piece, and even per specific section of a piece via soundcloud: Just click on the title of the piece and you’ll be directed to where the music is hosted. Pieces are published under a Creative Commons licence (attribution/share alike).

Some recording conditions were poor, but this is part of the game as we often perform on specific locations, not only in concert halls. Many thanks to Dennis Maij ( for helping out on several occasions with recording equipment and expertise.

CD’s          Booking information          Upcoming concerts