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Genetic String Music

There is a very nice web app that replicates metro trains running through the New York metro grid and making music with it!   The lines are strings which are being plucked when one line crosses the other. Fantastic!  Made by Joshua T. Nimoy.  Click here to start a composition yourself:  http://mta.me/

Or watch the video:

instant composition do-it-yourself

This is just great: http://bit.ly/eu2rG4

A perfect example of creating music instantaneously, just click the blocks, and polyphonic compositions appear. You’ve got it all in your hands and everybody can do it.   🙂      Succes guaranteed.   You can try to be very concise, but actually just clicking a lot of blocks randomly also creates great music!    Endless possibilities.

Thanks Merlijn @Merlijn12H  for sharing the link!  And many thanks to the creator of this!