With Poet and Dancers on IMPROV XL

The Genetic Choir will perform this Sunday on a freely accessible, big improvisation event in Utrecht:

improvXL_kennedyIMPROV XL

Sunday, 17 May 2015
from 14:00 to 23:00

Stairway to Heaven, Mariaplaats 11 – 12, Utrecht

We are supporting this event with a Genetic Choir performance of 45 minutes at +/- 19:00.

It will be a concert both on our own and in collaboration with dancers and absurd poet Bernhard Christiansen. Later on, we will also invite the audience to sing together with us.

Throughout the whole day, there will be lots of possibilities to join as active improviser of any discipline, including a MegaJam at around 21:00.

Improvisation pianist Freek Zwanenburg gets the credits for organising this massive get-together.

He writes: De enorme kracht van improvisatie wordt nog onderschat, terwijl juist het vermogen tot improviseren een essentieel onderdeel is van de huidige transitie naar nieuwe vormen van samenleven en organiseren. IMPROV XL toont de wereld van mogelijkheden die zich opent als je, met behoud van al je kennis en vaardigheden, in het diepe springt en je intuïtie volgt.

improvXL_bontIMPROV XL is er voor iedereen die gek is op improvisatie, of er graag kennis mee wil maken. Ook beantwoordt het festival aan de behoefte van een groeiende groep kantelaars, vernieuwers en dwarsdenkers om samen te komen, geïnspireerd te worden en in een gezamenlijke flow nieuwe dingen te creëren.”

More info about the event on www.improvxl.nl

Or via this facebook link.

Entrance is: free!

Join at any time throughout the day. 🙂

See you there!

Late night concert on IMPRO Amsterdam

cropped-header-impro-2015In january, the Genetic Choir will sing a concert in – for us – unusual context: the yearly international festival of theatre-improv – IMPRO Amsterdam.

Thursday, 29th of January 2015, 22:30 – Compagnietheater Amsterdam

More info and tickets: click here for the festival website

Curious to see how this audience will react to some contemporary music making! 🙂

From the programme:

Genetic Choir (NL) – 22:30 @ Kleine Zaal
-limited seats available-
The Genetic Choir create meaning and beauty from seeming sound-randomness.
The starting point of their music is always the reality at hand: The architecture of the building, the people who came to listen, accidental things they hear, taste, smell. For IMPRO Amsterdam, they will tap into the atmosphere of the festival and create a late-night footnote in unexpected sound.

There is also a Genetic Choir workshop that you can join during the festival on Saturday, 31st.

Workshops coming up!

Hi everybody!

Click here for an overview of all currently planned Genetic Choir workshops.

…first possibility this season is the upcoming workshop in Amsterdam

26-28 August, starting Friday evening.

3 places still available…   (click here for more info)

SUNDAY 28th in the afternoon is also the first GC session of the season – for all Genetic Choir singers (including the people who have done the workshop of course)

See you there or sometime soon!