Genetic Choir albums on CD

Genetic Choir Church Songs _ front“Church Songs for the 21st Century”

release: december 2015

  1. The Void (4:40)
  2. Genesis (5:36)
  3. Babylonian Breakfast (4:02)
  4. Promised Land (3:21)
  5. Congregation/Entrance Of The Kings   (5:42)
  6. Those Who Dug Down Deep (6:37)
  7. Sing, Fallen Angels, Sing (4:54)
  8. Hymn For A Life Well Lived (6:37)
  9. The End Of Times (4:16)

Listen to one of the pre-release tracks by clicking above or visit our audio page. You can also  find us on Spotify!

There is a English review of the CD and also a Dutch review by Ruben Smit.

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1 CD “Church Songs for the 21st century”
(incl. stamps&packaging)
inside the Netherlands  = 17,50 euro
1 CD “Church Songs for the 21st century”
(incl. stamps&packaging)
outside the Netherlands  = 19,00 euro

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This album is released under the Dutch lable

–          –          –          –          –          –          –

‘From writings of the Church fathers and other reports, it is unequivocally clear that the rites of worship of the early Christians were marked by a religious ecstasy that manifested itself in unhampered, purely emotional, spontaneous expression. From the earliest time onward there is copious documentary evidence of the extensive part played by improvisation throughout the development of all church music.

(taken from Derek Bailey: Improvisation, its nature and practice in music (1992, p29)

Obrechtkerk_pic“What intrigues us about the church as a place – next to the beautiful acoustics – is the unmistakable presence of what it is used for: worship and ritual; people coming together for something other/higher than themselves. While most of the singers in our ensemble are not (or no longer) strongly linked to a Christian belief, we all understand and value the creation of moments where it is not the individual, nor the group as an entity, but a third thing which emerges as the centre of our attention. We found that singing in a church – a place that intimately knows about this experience – was strongly inspirational in reminding us of the close, but often hidden bond between ritual and performance.”

For this CD we selected the most arresting pieces that were composed during concerts we held in 2014. No musical structures were imposed or agreed upon before singing. We made a set-list that would help refresh the focus for each new composition by reminding us of certain aspects of our training (e.g. phrasing, echo principles, etc.), but these were in no way compulsory structures or content for the music to be sung.

The titles were added later, when selecting the recordings for this CD. As listening to recorded music is another thing altogether from the live experience, we usually feel that a specific title improves the listening experience for recorded pieces. If you are a purist, you may naturally ignore the titles, as they are not connected to the way the pieces were composed. They merely represent our associations in hindsight.”

Thomas Johannsen, artistic director of the Genetic Choir


P1050248“Genetic Choir – the early years 2011-2013”

still (limited) available

  1. Elst Rhapsody
  2. Space Oddyssey (no Major Tom)
  3. Pas ce soir
  4. Juka
  5. De val van Ixion
  6. Du
  7. New Year Symphony
  8. Trytone Overture
  9. Lasloods (excerpt) (hidden track)

All pieces are live and instantly composed by the choir with no musical agreement beforehand (titles were added later, for easy recognition). Some of the tracks that can be found on the CD, are also listed on our audio page.

You can order the ‘early years’ CD by sending an e-mail to

It’s 12,- Euro, including shipping. For this amount, we are happy to send it to any place on this planet!

Please include the postal address that the CD should be sent to.

About the “early years” album:  We made this CD selecting the most interesting compositions from concerts and sessions in the period 2011 to early 2013.

Anything – from the characteristic silence of a building to a conversation between audience members – can form the basic ingredient for our compositions.
Through the principles of mutation, replication and natural selection, the various and subtle aspects of sound and the human voice are employed to create a volatile sound eco-system. Both micro-aspects of sound (ie. pitch, timbre, overtones, etc.) and macro-aspects of music (ie. riffs, melody, rhythm, etc.) can function as the ‘DNA’ chain on which the music develops.
This open and eclectic approach results in a certain amount of complexity in the composition process, creating at times both empty and rich, both organic and erratic compositions. No single human sound is excluded and no musical genre is forbidden or favored.  Foremost, we strive to trust our intuition throughout the composition process in order to maintain vocal authenticity and intense contact with our audiences.

Genetic Choir Singers on this CD are Gabrielle Barros Martins, Josephine Bode (guest on track 2), Martine van Ditzhuyzen, Alexandra de Groot, Peter Huber, Jeannette Huizinga, Thomas Johansen, Anita Kooij, Stephanie Lehmann, Moira Mirck, Amazone Nativel, Hans Paape, Petra Pieck, Ralph de Rijke, Marjolijn Roeleveld, Tanaquil Schuttel, Yinske Silva, Emiel Zonneveld

With many thanks to Dennis Maij of for recording equipment and mastering on tracks 1, 5, 6 and 7.


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