Incognito performance

Some Genetic Choir singers will have an appearance on this year’s Grachtenfestival again. This time not our own concert, but supporting incognito a bigger concert event – Coming saturday night!

Re.sonant on Saturday 13 August, 21:30, De Overkant, Amsterdam-Noord.  See for all info:

If you are a Genetic Choir singer, and you still want to join the incognito performance moment, let us know!

If you are a fan, come and see this concert of Radio Kootwijk Live and Club Cult (which in itself will be a great night out – live concert and dancing!)

Reservations via the link above.

Lasloods forever!

It was a beautiful experience to sing in the Lasloods on the NDSM terrein. Thanks to both the Grachtenfestival and stichting NDSM-werf for making this possible! I hope there will soon be some recording footage to post on this site.

As far as I am concerned, we should find out if we can sing a whole concert in that space, at some point next year…   The Lasloods has an acoustic space not unlike a cathedral, but then just less predictable. It was a feast to sing there with several voices, coming from all directions.

The workshop also went very well. Thanks to an audience who dared to just jump off the edge with using their voices in this way! Anytime again 🙂


Next stop: the Open Genetic Choir workshop, 19th of September

Genetic Choir on Grachtenfestival

The Genetic Choir will perform on the Grachtenfestival 2010!

On Saturday 21st of August, about 60 people will sing on the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam a ‘Symphony for Lasloods’.

Other than just a concert, it is this time an interactive workshop/concert with a small group of the regular choir singing with the audience.

Date: 21 August 2010
Time: 16:00-17:00
Place: Lasloods, NDSM-terrein, Amsterdam-Noord

This performance is part of a whole day of concerts that the Grachtenfestival is programming on the NDSM-werf.

Tickets (5,- €) and more information on

PS: Thomas will be a guest in the daily ‘EarBites’ on Friday 20th of August to be questioned about the Genetic Choir by Hans Haffmans. 17:00 in the festivalcafé in Felix Meritis ( & live uitgezonden op Radio 4)