Vocal Instant Composition

Instant Composition Workshop

Welcome to 2011!

The regular sessions of the Genetic Choir keep going, but there is also a special workshop coming up, open to any singers with some decent improvisation experience:

The Genetic Chamber Choir

a 6-part workshop: 3 full days and 3 evenings within a month, including performance – February 23rd to March 24th 2011 – Amsterdam

We we will go deeply into all the aspects of vocal instant composition: Singing solo, duet, trio, creating long-spun symphonies and exhilarating rythms. Heating up material, letting it explode. Recycle it later. Subtelties of copying, counterpointing, absorbing and transforming. We will look more extensively into styles, textures, structures, story and how to use and mix all this in a vocal ensemble where nobody has the control.

You should be an experienced improvisation singer to join this workshop.

Click here for more information and how to apply.

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