Concert & Workshop on IMPRO festival

cropped-header-impro-2015Just a reminder that next week we will be on IMPRO Amsterdam with both a late night concert and a workshop.

Tickets usually go very fast on this international festival, and it is their anniversary edition! So if you want to be part of either, be quick:

LATE NIGHT CONCERTThursday, 29th of January 2015, 22:30 – Compagnietheater Amsterdam

Genetic Choir WORKSHOP: Saturday, 31st of January 2015, 13:00-16:00 – CREA, Amsterdam

Reservation and tickets only via the festival website.

Late night concert on IMPRO Amsterdam

cropped-header-impro-2015In january, the Genetic Choir will sing a concert in – for us – unusual context: the yearly international festival of theatre-improv – IMPRO Amsterdam.

Thursday, 29th of January 2015, 22:30 – Compagnietheater Amsterdam

More info and tickets: click here for the festival website

Curious to see how this audience will react to some contemporary music making! 🙂

From the programme:

Genetic Choir (NL) – 22:30 @ Kleine Zaal
-limited seats available-
The Genetic Choir create meaning and beauty from seeming sound-randomness.
The starting point of their music is always the reality at hand: The architecture of the building, the people who came to listen, accidental things they hear, taste, smell. For IMPRO Amsterdam, they will tap into the atmosphere of the festival and create a late-night footnote in unexpected sound.

There is also a Genetic Choir workshop that you can join during the festival on Saturday, 31st.