CD Release!

It was about time:  The first Genetic Choir CD is now available for you to purchase!

P1050248After inofficial pre-sales on our previous improvisation concerts, we now officially release this album of selected compositions that the Genetic Choir created during the last three years.

The album is full of unpredictable, unpindownable music that nobody in particular thought up. Only the “musically reactive organism of the Genetic Choir in full blow” can be held responsible for this very varied collection of new music.

All pieces on this album were instantly composed and recorded, during concerts and live sessions in the period 2011 to early 2013. You can listen to some of our music on the audio page, if you’d like an impression.

If you would like the CD to be delivered to your doorstep, click here: Order CD

Next opportunity to hear the Genetic Choir live: 2 November 2013 in Utrecht, NL.
More info will follow, keep connected to this blog.

Resonant Voices workshop

A workshop about sound and silence – working in a group of singers with the complexities of open vowel sounds.

The voice is a subtle organ that is interested in it’s own sound.We usually believe that we control our singing and to a certain degree of course we do. But especially when it comes to sound quality, resonances and ‘finding the place’ in a tapestry of sound-textures, our voice is much more subtle and intelligent than us.

This might sound odd – “the voice knows what to do?” – , but it simply means that in the direct feedback cycle of hearing and producing sound, our voice can much more intricately steer it’s own sound without us intervening. This has amazing implications, for the individual voice as well as for ensemble sound. The bottom line is that sound understands itself better than we do, and in the complexity of resonances, timbre, upper- and undertones that comprise the human voice, our will is ill-equipped and much too slow to steer that process with adequate precision and subtlety.

In this workshop, we will look at the individual and collective process of singing open sounds. We will deal with principles of improvisation and self-organization (structure and freedom – intention, contact and surrender), but in this special case the music we allow will not include melodies, percussive sound-landscapes or rhythms. This limitation to open vowel sounds will open up an endlessly complex space to work in. Your enjoyment of the process of listening will expand, while making the sound more important than yourself in a playful way will allow a more finely tuned awareness to sink into your system.

We will engulf ourselves in sound colour, sound texture, resonance, brilliance of sound, natural vibrato, vowel changes and what all this does to the collective sound composition: The polyphonies and clusterchords that will arise from an ensemble finely tuned into sound work.

No specific singing background is needed to join the workshop. All levels of experience are welcome.


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Words in the moment / The Language Choir

Here is a worskhop completely about words and talking in improvisation!

Amsterdam, February 2012 – 4th/5th/9th/10th

As our interest is Instant Vocal Composition, we approach language in this workshop from the point of music, notwithstanding the fact that with language recognizable words open a whole new playing field: the field of meaning. There is no way in which your mind can not create an image in your head when you hear ‘toothbrush’. The speed with which we create meaning from recognizable words is amazing, and you can have a lot of fun staying on the border between sound (playing with vowels, consonants, syllables that don’t mean anyting) and words (when the mind ‘hooks’ on to a possible meaning/image). But this is just the beginning…
Once words are recognizable, and we enter into strings of words, sentences, poems, dialogues or monologues, it is crucial that as improvisers we are fit for the game. What choices can you make, how do you define your playing field? How do keep focus in what you are doing with all the freedom and possible layers of meaning you end up with? How do you prevent the moment where you (and your audience) is totally lost in the soup of words and sentences? Once we play the game of ‘meaning’ (of concrete verbally uttered images) we have the responsibility to bring it to a meaningful end. (whether that ending makes ‘sense’ in a literal, a poetic or musical way).

We will work solo, in small groups and in big ensemble producing pieces of stories, poetic dialogues, language sculptures and wise words.

The workshop will be held in Dutch and/or English, depending on the wishes of the participants. For your individual work during the workshop any language is welcome (French, German, Spanish, Japanese…)

Saturday   04-02-2012    12:00-18:00
Sunday      05-02-2012    10:30-12:30 + Genetic Choir session 13:30-17:30
Thursday  09-02-2012    18:00-22:00
Friday        10-02-2012    12:30-18:15 + concert (until +/- 19:00)

Workshop fee for the four days is: 165 Euro excl. BTW
Place: Amsterdam

You can give yourself up for the workshop or ask for more information by sending a message through this website (see Contact in the menu above)

Two speciality workshops next spring

Hi there,

we are planning at the moment two workshops on two specific subjects inside Instant Vocal Composition:

Resonant Voices

—  a workshop just on the subtleties of sound and silence and playing in a group of singers with harmonics and disharmonics. We will focus mainly on multi-tone long sounds, becoming proficient in sound character (vowels/vibrato/brilliance) and aligning resonances with each other and the acoustic spaces we are in. Playfulness and delicacy on the most powerful level of singing, where sound and resonance takes over all your senses. (more info, click here)

Words in the moment / The Language Choir

— a workshop where we focus totally on the poetics of words, improvising with language, human sounds and story. We will train the craft of inventing text in the moment and becoming sensitive to the musicality of verse/text/invented poetry inside Instant Vocal Composition. Looking at the complex, rough edges in improvisation where music becomes words and words become music. (more info, click here)

Both workshops are in planning state with the pioneers at the moment. We are looking at dates in the period February-May 2012.  If you’d like to be involved as a pioneer – there are just a few pioneer places left, so let us know quickly through the form below, stating the workshop that you would like to be involved in.

Once the dates are fixed, you will also be able to inscribe as a normal participant, if there is still room in the workshop group. So you can also let us know already if you’d like to be considered as a normal participant for one of these workshops   😉   We’ll be in touch with you, then!

More info on workshops? Click here.