Open Sessions around research into “Phrasing”

voicemovemnt3The Genetic Choir is conducting a research together with instant composition dancers: “The Secret Life of Phrases”. This research will lead to performances on 29th and 30th of March.

If you are an improviser, using either your body and/or your voice in performance, you are very much invited to join us in one of the open sessions this Saturday at 16:00 and also on 29th of March, same time.

16:00-16:30  Individual Warm-Up time
16:30- 18:45  Practice session
19:00- 19:30  Joint Performance
Whether it is a musical phrase or a movement phrase, there is a certain mindset that is connected to working with phrases and phrasing. A first working definition could be that a phrase is a small unit of performance material in time, which has a beginning, a duration and an end. But what is the inner life of a phrase? And how do they connect in time between dancers and singers, as they are using body as well as voice to build instant compositions from a multitude of phrases?
We would like to get a good view of our research field, so we are very curious about the various views and working concepts that we can gather around the theme of ‘phrasing’ with all the improvisers that will come together this Saturday.
In the month of March, we will then do a concentrated research with a smaller group of dancers and Genetic Choir singers. On 29th of March, there will be again an open session to share the results with other improvisers. More info on the project? click here
So you are very welcome to join us:
This Saturday, 22nd of February and also Saturday, 29th of March from 16:00
at Dansmakers Amsterdam (WG terrein), Eerste Helmerstraat 102  ½ (opposite 147) 
Contribution (if you join the practice session): 15 euro
Performance at 19:00 is free.

The project is created and led by Marisa Grande and Thomas Johannsen, and is being hosted by the Carpet Research Sessions and the IC Practice in Amsterdam.

There will be concert/performances on both 29th of March (19:00 in Amsterdam) and Sunday 30th of March (16:00 in Utrecht). More information about the performances: click here