Bulgarian modern

Listen to this collaboration of the Genetic Choir with Bulgarian voices Juliette van Dijk and Marielle de Winter (Pauni Trio), resulting in

Genetic Choir Composition 15120405

– including the Bulgarian christian-orthodox hymn ‘Tebe Poem’ (Dobri Hristov).


Taken from our concert “Church Songs for the 21st Century”, celebrating Genetic Choir’s new CD on 4 December 2015.

Recording credits: Harald Kerres

Call for singers: “Resonance Lab” concerts 6 June and 10/11 October

Foto Roest loods overview locatie Resonance 6 juniThe Genetic Choir Ensemble will be involved in this Saturday’s “Resonance Lab” concert @Roest in Amsterdam, and you are invited as well – either as an active singer, or as audience in the evening (read below).

The same invitation to participate as a singer/soundmaker goes for 10 & 11 October 2015: a 24 hour vocal concert in Muziekgebouw aan het Ij…!

The “Resonance” concerts are an initiative of Merlijn Twaalfhoven to gather Dutch voice practitioners, choirs and vocal groups who are interested in new/unusual use of voice and improvisation. Both 6 June and 10/11 October are durational events where audience can move in an out at their own wish: a 4 hour concert this Saturday and a 24 hour (!) concert in October.

In a certain sense, 6 June is a try-out/experiment with (+/- 120 singers) for the 10/11 October event that will have even more singers, including Het Nederlands Kamerkoor.

It would be great to do a whole Genetic Choir section in the October event, which for the rest probably contains mainly more mainstream (pop/classical) music. 🙂 Therefore we are calling for any singers who ever have been to a Genetic Choir workshop:

Do you want to be part of the singing event in October? Please let us know, so we can see how big a ‘Genetic Choir’ we can gather for 10/11 October. (write a comment to this post or contact us here.)

E-Flyer Resonance 6 juni in RoestThis Saturday, 6 June, performers of the Genetic Choir Ensemble will sing parts of the concert at Roest, and Thomas Johannsen will propose a polyrhythm experiment with all singers who are present.

You can come and listen (concert starts at 19:00 and entrance is free/donation based).

You can also come as individual singer and join the whole event (worskhops in the morning from 11:00, try-outs and active part in the concert later in the day):  Sign up on Merlijn Twaalfhoven’s website here.


6 June 2015

Van Gendthallen next to Roest, Amsterdam

11:00-19:00 workshops/try-outs for all participating singers

19:00-23:00 concert, open for audience

10 (&11) October 2015

Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam

22:00 until next day, 22:00