First Dutch review of our new CD

More reviews are coming in! This one is for our Dutch followers, from conductor/singer/orchestrator Ruben Smits. (Want to come to our cd release concert on 4 december? Click here.)

Nog voor de officiele release datum van onze nieuwe cd (zie ook het 4 december concert) vroegen we mensen binnen en buiten de muziekwereld naar de cd te luisteren en hun indrukken voor ons op te schrijven.

Nu dus de recensie van dirigent, arrangeur en zanger Ruben Smits. Beneden een uittreksel, de hele review lees je hier.

Genetic Choir Church Songs _ frontVerrassingsmenu van een utopisch ensemble

“Church Songs for the 21st Century toont de stem in al zijn facetten en al zijn dynamiek. Voor een klein uur bevind je je in een andere wereld, vol risico, fantasie en verwondering.”

“(…) Dat vind ik bovenal het beste aan Genetic Choir en deze cd. Je kunt als luisteraar ‘gewoon eens’ onbestemd, zonder te weten wat gaat komen, luisteren zonder te anticiperen. Zoals het verrassingsmenu op de restaurantkaart, dient Church Songs for the 21st Century hapjes in andere en soms zeer onverwachte smaken. ‘Promised Land’ ontaardt geleidelijk in zielensnijdende lamentaties, evenals ‘Sing, Fallen Angels, Sing’, waar de hoge dosis ruis een gevoel van zwaarte en pijn in de luisteraar losmaakt en in ‘Those Who Dug Down Deep’ worden juist de slaande kerkbellen onderdeel van het soundscape. Maar de grootste verrassing zit aan het eind van (het overigens relatief zeer idiomatisch beginnende) ‘Congregation / Entrance of the King’.”

Read the whole review here.


First CD review on new ‘Church Songs’ album

We sent our new CD out prior to its upcoming release (see the 4 december concert), and the first reviews are coming in from colleagues around the globe. This one is from New Zealand born composer Alison Isadora who listened and wrote the following – below some excerpts, the full review can be found here.

Genetic Choir Church Songs _ front“The CD starts with whispering before settling into more melodic phrases with a rhythmic accompaniment. Although we can hear that the choir is singing in a church, the voices are always close to us. There is an immediacy to the voices. As with many of the pieces on this CD, the use of a sense of a constant tonality and the presence of ostinato figures offers support for those listeners who may find the vocal adventures challenging.

In other tracks dense textures break open into jungle-like screams, croaks and gasps. A drone may give continuity within these rich and varied sonic landscapes. Silence may also act as a musical parameter.

In Track 3 I asked myself whether I was listening to an African language or an imagined one. The Genetic choir have developed their own vocabulary – a combination of vowels and consonants which is at once totally believable and yet seductively mysterious. (…)

In other pieces long slow contrapuntal lines coexist with fast ostinato figures. It is fascinating to hear how ideas develop, how melodic lines are shared, inverted and expanded. A melody that starts life as diatonic may move to a microtonal version and back again within the length of a breath.

(1) ChurchSongsCD back_notsquareThroughout the album there is a consistency in melodic material, a predeliction for drones and ostinato figures and a great willingness to explore and accept the richness of sounds a voice can make. We hear how musical ideas are embraced, expanded, developed and varied. This is group improvisation at its best. (…)”


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Music review writing in exchange for CD !

ChurchSongsCD frontandbackWhile the CD launch date – 4 December – is approaching slowly, the new CD’s are already waiting, ready and eager to be listened to and scrutinized!  We therefore would like to propose the following:

Receive the brand new “Church Songs for the 21st Century” album before anyone else – and for free – in exchange for writing a preview/review for us about the CD.

Let us know if you are interested in this little swop of goods against activity.  If you promise to work your writing skills for us, we will send the CD to you at our own costs, or bring it personally to your door if you live anywhere near another Genetic Choir singer. 🙂

Write an e-mail to if you are interested in this, or get in touch via the Contact Page.

CD launch concert is on the 4th of December 2015 in the Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam!

update:  …the first reviews are coming in. Here one of Alison Isadora.