Vocal Instant Composition

We sing the Odyssey, you read!

Dear Genetic Choir fans and supporters,

a unique event is coming up, in which you are invited to participate:

On 14 July, you can join the Genetic Choir in a 10 hour concert/reading of the Odyssey, and read a piece of this epic tale, together with 200 other readers on the Over ‘t Ij festival in Amsterdam!

The Genetic Choir will instantly compose the music to this marathon reading, organised together with The International Readers of Homer and hosted by Giorgos Gripeos‘ installation “an odyssey” at Nieuw Dakota during the Over het Ij festival 2018. The performance will be streamed live to the ferries crossing the water between Westerdokdijk (Pontsteiger) and the NDSM werf.

It is a free event, you are welcome to come anytime during those 10 hours to experience it. And you are also invited to participate actively as one of the readers of this epic tale!

To be a reader of a 3 minute piece of the Odyssey, register here:


And if you don’t want to read, just come, listen and experience it!

Saturday, 14 July, 12:00-22:00
Location: Nieuw Dakota , Ms.van Riemsdijkweg 41b, 1033RC Amsterdam

For the Odyssey reading, the Genetic Choir will perform 10 hours of live music, using their unique form of vocal instant composition. Reminiscent of an ancient Greek Choir, the singers comment on, foretell and mirror the events of the story, reacting to the verbal rhythm of each reader. To capture and transmit a sense of the epic length of Odysseus’ journey, the singers are a constant witness to the events and stay ‘on board’ from the first sentence to the last

photo by Giorgos Gripeos

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