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Your audience guide to the Odyssey this Saturday

(1) Banner invitation 2This Saturday, 14 July, the 10 hour concert and reading of Genetic Choir and the International Readers of Homer on the Over het Ij Festival will finally happen!

As we can imagine that not everyone wants to spend the whole ten hours with us, here a guide to some great moments in the story & music (of which there are many!):

+/- 12:00 Opening (always a great moment, with probably the most famous lines of the poem, read in ancient Greek)

+/- 13:10 Goddess Calypso is told by Zeus to give up her lover Odysseus (which she is not taking lightly).

+/- 13:30 Poseidon rages and conjures a storm that leaves Odysseus shipwrecked and lost in the ocean.

+/- 15:00 Odysseus taunts the Cyclops and is cursed to end up with his ship even further from home, thrown back and further back by a bag of winds.

+/- 16:00 Odysseus enters the underworld to meet (amongst other ghosts and dead warriors) the ghost of his mother that he longs to touch, but can’t.

+/- 17:30 How to welcome a stranger (Odysseus arrives at Eumaios house) “One must honor guests and foreigners and strangers, even those much poorer than oneself.”

+/- 19:20 Penelope and Odysseus meet again after twenty years of being separate, while Odysseus keeps playing hide and seek with her. (What a relationship!)

+/- 21:00 Penelope puts Odysseus to the test about his true identity before she accepts him again.

+/- 21:30 Odysseus slaughters all the suitors and their helpers to reclaim his house (it feels almost Klingon, if you know the reference ;-))

+/- 22:00 Last sentences of the poem + musical Epilogue by Genetic Choir, after singing for 10 hours, to sum up and close the experience of this Amsterdam Odyssey.

If you want to read yourself a 3-minute fragment, you can still give yourself up:

PLACE: Nieuw Dakota, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b, Amsterdam


MORE INFO: click here

The performance is invited by and created in collaboration with Giorgos Gripeos’ installation “an odyssey”.

See you on Saturday!

3 responses

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  2. Kees Stoffels

    Your unpronouceably, unspeakably beautiful Odysseia concert has moved me yesterday enormously. I enjoyed your streams of wordless voices and sounds. Even as a Homer reader – only five times only yesterday – the Genetic Choir had been helping me so to say. During my speeches you all, too, three me back to an era of three millennia long ago and far away. You too played a part in moving me into the hearts of the personalities of the dead and perished warriors in the Hades, the brutish Cyclops, bright and brave Odysseus, and last but not least the sweet and sensitive Penelope, who was equally brave and smart and loyal in her role as a Chief Commander Executive of the reigned Organisation, as an educator, as well as an eternally loving spouse, to make a long story short as EEN MOEDER DE VROUW. Thank you choir, and all the others!

    July 15, 2018 at 14:11

  3. Hi Kees, thanks for this feedback and great that we were able to inspire you to an even deeper experience as a reader! We enjoyed ourselves as well tremendously. Many extremely strong and memorable moments… I hope we can do it again, sometime!

    July 17, 2018 at 11:19