May ’68-inspired trash opera performance a re-sounding success


On Saturday 9 June 2018 two members of the Genetic Choir, Ralph de Rijke and Jeannette Huizinga, joined percussionists Robbert van Hulzen and Dirk Bruinsma and dancer Michael Jahoda to take part in a structured, but largely improvised opera whose lyrics were drawn from the Situationist graffiti and slogans of the May ’68 uprising in Paris. Music was played on trash items like truck springs, pickaxe heads, and metal sheets. The opera – part of MayDays, 3 evenings of art performances curated by The Warp – was held in the Kunstkapel in Amsterdam, a circular space with some challenging acoustics. 🙂 The performance was a great success, and the group plans to continue shouting, singing and banging things under the name Schroothoopera. The first such appearance will be at the Trashlesstival at De Ceuvel on Saturday 7 July 2018.