Genetic Choir on IDFA in Kleine Komedie this Sunday!

naturenicktextIn an attempt to hack and question the language of nature films, the Genetic Choir will appear on the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam this Sunday, in the IDFA on Stage event NATURE’S NICKELODEON.

18 November 2018, at 19:30, in the Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam

More info & tickets via IDFA here:

Together with other invited musicians like beatboxer Jason Singh, synth-musician Bridget Hayden and harpist Serafina Steer, the Genetic Choir and instructed volunteers will create new live sounds for nature documentary footage, curated by Amy Cutler (UK).

“How can the nature documentary escape from the framework of the big, or small screen? In this performance, curator Amy Cutler sets out to hack the language and content of this genre.

Experience nature as never before in a performance in which experimental artists turn the traditional nature documentary on its head!”