Concert Archive

= 2018 =

18 November 2018 –  “Nature’s Nickelodeon” on IDFA 2018, a collaboration with Amy Cutler (UK) to create a live improvised soundtrack for nature documentary footage. Performance at De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam

30 September 2018 – BIRDSCORE I – FloorScore for Catalogue d’Oiseaux by Olivier Messiaen, in collaboration with Jeroen van Westen en Michiel Pestel. Zone2Source, Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

14 September 2018 – “Conversation Balance” – two performances for the Opening of art exhibition ‘A Balancing Act’, singing on Julien F. Thomas’ unstable stage.  Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort

14 July 2018 – ODYSSEIA – a ten hour reading and concert of Homer’s Odyssey with 200 readers and in collaboration with Giorgos Gripeos and the International Readers of Homer on Over het Ij festival 2018 – Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam

12 June 2018 – Genetic Choir performs a concert as one of the two main acts on the BUI evening (Bevordering Utrechtse Improvisatie) in the Moira, Utrecht

9 June 2018 – MayDays II – Genetic Choir performs as part of “The Shark infested Custard” (with Robbert van Hulzen, Dirk Bruinsma and Michael Jahoda) an improvised opera on an evening curated by The Warp at the Kunstkapel, Amsterdam

1 June 2018 – a new version of CIRKEL, in collaboration with Cathalijne Smulders en Tamara van Scheppingen in Theater Perdu, Amsterdam

30 May 2018 – Opening Dordtyart – Two performances of Genetic Choir singing on an unstable, wooden platform, in collaboration with Julien Thomas: “Conversation Balance”, Dordtyart, Dordrecht

3 April 2018 – “Shouts, Whispers, Feets & Beats” –  Genetic Choir samples Matthäus Passion fragments and performs with other musicians in an evening full of improvised music, curated by Marije Nie (tap) in Splendor, Amsterdam

19 March 2018 – BIMLAB 33 – curated by Thomas Johannsen and David Golek, two Genetic Choir singers, David Golek (guitar) and Makiko Ito (dance) do a full evening of improvised performance in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam

17 March 2018 – “Melk bij de Wijn” – Genetic Choir is for the 9th (!) time the musical guest of the Vorlesebühne, interacting with absurd prose of writers reading from their work – Molen de Ster, Utrecht


= 2017 =

16 December 2017 – one soundwalk and an evening concert based on the Leeuwarden soundwalks as part of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project. In collaboration with Media Art Friesland and Freeze Festival, Leeuwarden.

15 December 2017 – two soundwalks in the inner city of Leeuwarden as part of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project. In collaboration with Media Art Friesland and Freeze Festival.

20 October 2017 – Genetic Choir performance on Kunstbiennale  Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek in collaboration with the sisters of the monastery St. Catharinadal, Oosterhout

7 July 2017 – two performances of “Baden” a collaboration of the Genetic Choir with Cathelijne Smulders, as part of the Cure Park art festival in het Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam

2 July 2017 – four Loop-Copy-Mutate concerts in the unfinished NoordZuidlijn metro station under Amsterdam CS (in collaboration with Bimhuis, Amsterdam)

23 June 2017Loop-Copy-Mutate concert at STEIM, Amsterdam

4, 17 and 25 June 2017Soundwalks on Amsterdam Central station for the Loop-Copy-Mutate project (in collaboration with Bimhuis, Amsterdam)

9 June 2017 – Open Day at STEIM with workshops/talks/presentations of the Loop-Copy-Mutate stations

29 April 2017 – Genetic Choir concert gekoppeld aan presentatie Mondriaan Fonds residency van Bernke Klein Zandvoort en Caroline Ruijgrok in het Pompgemaal, Den Helder

18 April 2017 – “Silence is also sound” – collaboration performance with Noh actor Toshikazu Marumachi, organised by Deshima Air in Dokzaal, Amsterdam

16 April 2017Loop-Copy-Mutate concert, as part of the exhibtion ‘No Words Today’, Buro Beukorkest, TAC, Eindhoven


= 2016 =

17 December 2016Loop-Copy-Mutate concert, as part of the Media Arts Friesland Festival, Leeuwarden

11 December 2016Fox Concert on Utrecht CS train station. Collaboration performance for Marcus Coates in the context of his ongoing work for Public Works, Utrecht

10 December 2016 – CIRCLE, as part of Misericordia, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2 December 2016 – “Church Songs for the 21st Century” concert 2016, Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam

4 November 2016  – Arrivals / Departures: Evensong. Part of the ongoing work by Marcus Coates for Public Works (site specific performances for Utrecht Central Station)

14 Oktober 2016 – Opening Blauwdruk033, Parking NH-hotel Amersfoort, with Jan Schellink

21 and 25 September 2016 – collaboration with Bunraku company Mokugu-sha, Tokushima, Japan

21 September 2016Mottenbal, with Bernhard Christiansen (de Vorlesebühne). Part of the ongoing work by Marcus Coates for Public Works

18 and 19 September 2016Creative Music Festival 2016 in Elisabeth University of Music, Hiroshima, Japan

18 June 2016 – CIRCLE, graduation work of Cathalijne Smulders from the Cure Master of Sandberg Institute, Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam

16th January 2016Vorlesebühne, Flamish writers edition, in Molen de Ster, Utrecht

15th January 2016Vorlesebühne, Flamish writers edition, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

3 January 2016Catching Cultures Festival, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht


= 2015 =

17 December 2015 – Vocal Impro Session at De Pletterij, Haarlem

4 December 2015 – Church Songs for the 21st Century  –  CD release concert at the Obrechtkerk , Amsterdam, with a.o. special guest Jacob Lekkerkerker

29 November 2015 – Genetic Choir @ Bart Invites – reacting on the exhibition in the gallery as part of Young Blood Initiatives’ “The First Blossom

15 November 2015 – premiere of “Ijsbeer in de Tropen” a puppet theatre piece with original soundtrack composed by the Genetic Choir, Amstelveens Poppentheater, Amstelveen

6 November 2015Sessionview X performance as part of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project, STEIM, Amsterdam

11 October 2015 – Sauna Caravan, Proeftuin de Luwte, Amsterdam

10/11 October 2015 – sunrise concert on 24 Hour Resonance, curated by Merlijn Twaalfhoven, Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam

27 September 2015Zing het Land, an exposition on the visual poetry of Frisian landscapes curatd by Stefan Belderbos, with music by Martijn Pieck, Sub Up, Utrecht

26 August/2 September 2015 – Recording and Research sessions with Robert van Heumen in Amsterdam, as part of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project

10-15 Juli 2015LARGO – Genetic Choir creates the music and performs in physical-/location- theatre piece by Judith Hazeleger, Amsterdamse Bostheater, Amsterdam

20/21 June 2015Echo: Labyrinth – six concerts on location in the relicts of the Floriade in Amstelpark, Amsterdam i.c.w. Zone2Source – Special guest: Mark Alban Lotz

6 June 2015  – Collaborating with three solo performers of the Genetic Choir and an ad-hoc GC group of 30+singers in Merlijn Twaalfhoven‘s Resonance Lab, a durational concert of 4 hours at Van Gendthallen, Roest, Amsterdam

17 May 2015  – a site-specific concert with dance and poetry as part of ImprovXL, in the Mariaplaats Garden, Utrecht

30 January 2015 – Site-specific Sound Performance on the Be_Hacker Minikunstfestival 2015

29 January 2015 – Late Night Concert on the 20th edition of the international festival IMPRO Amsterdam


= 2014 =

24 December 2014 – Christmas Eve edition of the Vorlesebühne Utrecht in collaboration with the Genetic Choir

13/14 + 20/21 September 2014 – “Dijk vol Dromen” – location theatre with people from the village of Pingjum and musical interventions of the Genetic Choir, Pingjum, Friesland

30 August 2014 – 2nd intimate Church Concert and recording session in the White Church of Holysloot

24 August 2014 – “Three Songs” in Amstel Park, Amsterdam – a walk in the park with three site-specific musical performances. Part of  “Secret Signals Passages

02 July 2014 – “The Silo Tapes” – second recording session in semi-public abandoned industrial building, Amsterdam

25 May 2014 – Church concert in the White Church of Holysloot, as conclusion to a weekend of CD recordings, Holysloot, North-Holland

02 May 2014 – Opening “Kunst achter de dijken” – a concert on location, singing for artworks in the village of Pingjum, Friesland

19 April 2014 – “Good ways of bringing bad news” – a collaboration with the absurdist writers of the Vorlesebühne, Houtzaagmolen de Ster, Utrecht

30 March 2014 – “The secret Life of Phrases” – Genetic Choir performs with Instant Composition Dancers at The Boiler Room, Het Huis, Utrecht

29 March 2014 – “The secret Life of Phrases” – Genetic Choir performs with Instant Composition Dancers at Dansmakers, Amsterdam

08 February 2014 – “Particle Fields & 3D Laser Objects” as part of “De Cumulus 2“. A collaboration with fine artists/video art. Kunstkapel, Amsterdam


= 2013 =

02 November 2013 – “Alive&Buzzing” Insects concert in collaboration with Central Library Utrecht and the Vorlesebühne   – see audience reaction here

25 September 2013 – “The Silo Tapes” – first recording session in semi-public industrial building, Amsterdam   – sound/video link here

03 July 2013 – “The Weaving – live performance” – human sound installation, in collaboration with Anna Orlikowska at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

26 June 2013Tabula Rasa Concert – curated by John Dikeman, MLK, Amsterdam

22 June 2013 – “Long night of short, strange stories” – a whole night of improvising with writers who read from their own work – Vorlesebühne, Utrecht

20 April 2013 – Absurdist writers, accompanied by the Genetic Choir on “Braakzaamheid van de Vliesvleugelingen”, Vorlesebühne, Utrecht

28 February 2013 – The Genetic Choir performs in the “Axolot Aquarium #1: Space Odyssey”, Dokhuis Gallery, Amsterdam   –    find audio excerpts here

10 February 2013 – “Genetic Choir sings Tanja Smit” – Graphic/Words Scores concert as part of the Toon&Taal Festival in Provadja, Alkmaar.  –    find audio excerpts here

10 January 2013 – “Tanja Smit + Genetic Choir: voices and images” – graphic scores concert as part of the Ephémère series at LOOS, Den Haag  –    find audio excerpts here


= 2012 =

24 October 2012 – “Signs & Wondering” concert with improvisation orchestra and Michael Fischer in MLK, Amsterdam

15+16 September 2012 – Guerilla Choir ‘Smaakapella’ performances on the Smaakexplosies Festival, Zaandam

01 September 2012 – “Elevator Music” in the ‘Haagse Toren’, The Hague

24 June 2012 – concert with composer/pianist Jeroen van Veen in the Metaalkathedraal, Utrecht   –  find audio excerpts here

01 June 2012 – full evening concert – Punt WG, Amsterdam

05 May 2012 – youtube performance for artrocks! – Museum Boijmans van Beuningen – video link here


= 2011 =

19 June 2011 – 3 small concerts on Midzomerschans Festival

12 June 2011 – In Vocal Response to this space – PuntWG, Amsterdam

5 May 2011 – supporting the Museum of the Bohemian with a communal concert in Ruigoord

20 April 2011 – Trytone concert curated by Michael Fischer – Zaal100 / Trytone  Amsterdam –   find audio excerpts here

25 April 2011 – Finissage concert – Het Glazen Huis / ZET Foundation, Amsterdam


= 2010 =

24 March 2011 – full evening concert – Punt WG, Amsterdam

21 August 2010 – Lasloods concert Amsterdam – Grachtenfestival 2010   –     find audio excerpts here

27 June 2010 – informal concert at CW Boost, Amsterdam

7 May 2010 – The Sound of Shadow – incognito concert to silent art films in the cinema! – Ketelhuis Amsterdam / The Sound of Shadow

14 March 2010 – Ijle Klanken – as guest of poetry café Blauw in Utrecht


= 2009 =

11 June 2009 – opening concert – KlankKleurFestival 2009, Amsterdam

20 February 2009 – Slow Future concert – Smart Project Space Amsterdam


= 2008 =

16 November 2008 – performances of applied Genetic Choir work for Klingon Opera in collaboration with Floris Schönfeld (Opera ‘U’) / as part of a residency at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Centre, New York State, USA


The Session and Workshop Archive of the Genetic Choir can be found here