What is the Genetic Choir?

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The Genetic Choir is a utopian singing ensemble.

Believing in the possibility that singers can be completely free in their improvisation and still coherently work together, the Genetic Choir sings instant composition concerts with all music created on the spot.

Anything – from the characteristic silence of a building to a pattern on the floor or a conversation between audience members – can form the basic ingredient for our music.

In the Genetic Choir professional musicians stand next to people from other strands of life. They train themselves as a musical organism, a small human society that interacts in spontaneous sound, becoming music. The mix of people ensures the right balance for both musically arresting and unexpected compositions.

Virtuosity is a skill that in the Genetic Choir is redefined in the context of this utopian collaboration: Are you able to find your place in the compositional whole? And are you able to move, within milliseconds, to the place that the music asks from you?

Our music is related to chaos theory, complexity principles and the self-organising patterns of interrelated nodes in a living network. Genetic Choir compositions create meaning and beauty from seeming randomness, not unlike genes that multiply and mutate or oscillators that sync with each other after a certain tipping point.

As we are singers of flesh and blood, the human component plays a role as well: Intention, timing, taste – ‘free will’ against group tendency and the imposing logic of the music itself. In this way, the Genetic Choir touches traditional themes of the human condition – being initiator as well as small cog in the machinations of reality – and how this applies to living in the complex, networked society of today.

We create music that is heartfelt and unpredictable. We elevate an approach that operates through pattern-orientation and feedback cycles to a festival of sounds and musicality.

If you would like to read more about the background/philosophy of our work, look here.


Live audio examples          Booking information         Upcoming concerts