Vote for this project about elderly people and sound memories

Dear Genetic Choir friends,

we are preparing a project in which the Genetic Choir will go into elderly people’s homes to search for sound memories and sing those memories back to the people living there. We also want to train family of alzheimer patients and health-care personnel to make contact with those sometimes seemingly unreachable elderly in a different way, inspired by the Genetic Choir approach.

In order to do this, we set up a pilot project together with an old people’s home in Amsterdam, but we need YOUR HELP to actually make it happen. We just need a little bit of your time to gather enough votes on – a website that facilitates funding for small social/cultural projects. The idea is that we gather at least 100 audience votes, which would mean we get a chance for a 5.000 euro pilot grant. Continue reading “Vote for this project about elderly people and sound memories”