Loop-Copy-Mutate: Music from People and Places

The Genetic Choir’s big project in 2017 and beyond: LOOP_COPY_MUTATE. These three words point to the core aspects of human experience across the domains of evolution, digital communication and artistic expression. They are also the fundamental elements of composition for both electronic and improvising musicians. Current climax are the four underground concerts under Amsterdam CS on 2 July 2017. Read more.


vlcsnap-2015-10-22-16h27m42s480House of Sounds and Song

This project brings care home residents, their families and care staff into a closer relationship through voice and improvisation. The idea is not just to make elderly residents happier, but to promote family participation in the care of old people by inviting them to discover making new contact in a personal and playful way. Read more.


In Baden (Bathing), Cathalijne Smulders works with people who have difficulties with language, speech or gestures as a result of brain damage. A quartet of Genetic Choir singers collaborates with Cathalijne and the other performers to create on-location raw performance for the Cure Park, Amsterdamse Bos. Friday, 7 July 2017, 16:00 & 17:30 

Church Songs for the 21st Century – the annual concerts

Our Church Songs CD has spawned annual pre-Christmas concerts in the Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam. Each year, we invite musicians from various spiritual traditions and ask them and ourselves: What does spiritual music mean to us in the context of today’s world? How do we relate, as improvisers and as mostly secular citizens, to ritual and to the significance of age-old spiritual music traditions? Can improvisation bring together old and new, East and West, the high-brow and the gut-feeling of music making? Read more.


The Genetic Choir Ensemble travelled to Japan in September 2016 to first perform on the Creative Music Festival 2016 in Hiroshima, and afterwards join Bunraku company Mokugu-sha on a small tour in Tokushima prefecture. Look at our tour photo album here.
More collaborations spawned from this, like the performance with Noh actor Toshikazu Marumachi in April 2017.

Improvisation Education

Have a look on our workshop page for an impression of the various ways we teach and develop swarm intelligence and instant composition music making with people in the Netherlands and beyond.






Project Archive (2015 and earlier)


Church Songs for the 21st Century: CD release concert

Very special guests Jacob Lekkerkerker (organ), Pauni Trio (Bulgarian), Cafuné (Brazilian)Çiğdem Okuyucu,(Turkish), Daphne Chlimintzas(Greek), Marianne Svasek (Dhrupad) Marije Nie(tap), Marieke Franssen and Mark Alban Lotz(flutes) were engaged with the Genetic Choir in vocal instant composition at the Obrechtchurch in Amsterdam.


Sunrise Concert 24h Resonance, Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Genetic Choir was given a Carte Blanche by Merlijn Twaalfhoven to fill a slot with their approach to vocal music in this 24 hour non-stop concert.

IJsbeer in de tropen” with Lindai Boogerman

The Genetic Choir has created the soundtrack for Lindai Boogerman’s new children performance “IJsbeer in de tropen” (‘Ice bear in the jungle’).


Largo with Judith Hazeleger

In the summer of 2015, the Genetic Choir Ensemble created the music and performed in a site-specific performance in the woods of the Amsterdamse Bos. LARGO, a piece by Judith Hazeleger.



Echo: Labyrinth

On a sunny afternoon in Amstel Park the audience was unexpectedly invited to join a guided tour through the lesser known areas of the park.  For this walk the Genetic Choir was also, featuring special guest Mark Alban Lotz on flutes.


Dans Improvisatie Utrecht

It may not always feel like it, but your body, the space around you and your voice are all subtly connected: if one changes, the other two are affected. The Genetic Choir collaborated with Dans Improvisatie Utrecht to do some research on this matter.


African Women Radio, with Inge van den Kroonenberg

Inge van den Kroonenberg made a short but evocative remix using pieces of Zimbabwean writer Virginia Phiri and a Genetic Choir composition that we created in reaction to her words. This piece is part of a bigger project in which ‘sonic correspondence’ has been sought between women in Arts, Culture and Media from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and artists around the world.

flyer dijk vol dromen

Dijk vol Dromen with Stefan Belderbos

With the Genetic Choir’s way of music making and performing, we were asked by Stefan Belderbos to be part of this outdoor theatre production, or as is called in Frisian language: Iepenloftspul.


The secrets life of Phrases

The Genetic Choir is conducting a research together with instant composition dancers, because we think: whether it is a musical phrase or a movement phrase, there is a certain mindset that is connected to working with phrases and phrasing.


Graphic Scores with Tanja Smit

Tanja Smit creates drawings based on printed texts in books and newspaper-articles. Printed words become image. The Genetic Choir creates music from fragments of reality around them, for example the sounds they hear in the performance space.


Collaboration with Jeroen van Veen

The Genetic Choir collaborated with Jeroen van Veen in his “Slow is Beautiful” month, as being an “artist in residence”in the Metaalkathedraal, Utrecht.

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