Genetic Choir plays basketball on November Music

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Invited by November Music in Den Bosch – one of the Netherlands most prestigious music festivals – the Genetic Choir is developing this autumn a new sibling of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project from 2017. This time, the singers delve into the musicality of another type of ‘everyday sounds’: sport sounds.

On two days during the upcoming festival, the singers explore with Loop-Copy-Mutate: Ball Games how to create music from the sounds and idiosyncrasies of a basketball match.

On Friday 8 November, we will involve November Music audience to work with the sounds we recorded, and on Saturday 9 November, the singers will also interact directly with basketball players. Both days, you will experience small ad-hoc concerts by Genetic Choir singers and laptopist Robert van Heumen, while they involve the audience to listen with new ears to sounds they think they already know.

More info in Dutch can be found on

Friday, 8 November 2019, 16:00-17:00

Saturday, 9 november 2019, 20.30-21.30

Venue: Babel, Hinthamerstraat 74, ’s-Hertogenbosch, NL

Entrance is free, but seating is limited! Be sure to reserve your place by sending an email to

@Dominicuskerk, Sunday October 6

Genetic Choir sings the Abendlied in the Dominicuskerk during the Sunday celebration of 6 October (11 am). Josef Rheinberger’s composition is part of the rehearsal process for the (Non)Corpus: God project, which will be crowned with two evening-filling concerts in the Dominicus Church on 22 and 28 December.

At the end of the service (12:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.) there is a follow-up discussion where feedback can be given and or questions can be asked about the project.

The presentation is part of the series of meetings that are organized for the public from October-December. A unique opportunity to become an active participant in this special creative process. Interested parties can register via You will then receive a list of dates on which your presence is greatly appreciated. The next meeting is Friday October 11 (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM) also in the Dominicuskerk.

Genetic Choir zingt tijdens de zondagsviering 6 oktober (11.00u) in de Dominicuskerk het Abendlied. Josef Rheinberger’s compositie maakt deel uit van het repetitieproces voor het project (Non)Corpus: God, dat op 22 en 28 december in de Dominicuskerk bekroond wordt met een 2-tal avondvullende concerten.
Na afloop van de dienst (12:30-14:00u) is er een nagesprek waarin er feedback kan worden gegeven en/of vragen worden gesteld over het project.

De presentatie maakt deel uit van de serie ontmoetingen die van oktober-december door Genetic Choir voor het publiek worden georganiseerd. Een unieke mogelijkheid om actief deelgenoot te worden van dit bijzondere maakproces. Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich aanmelden via U ontvangt dan een lijst met data waarop uw aanwezigheid zeer op prijs wordt gesteld. De eerstvolgende bijeenkomst is vrijdag 11 oktober (19:00-22:00) in de Dominicuskerk

Friday Sessions starting next week!

A new set of eight Genetic Choir sessions on Friday morning (10:00-12:30) is kicking off on 13 september. We work with a fixed group (now 14) to deepen the work from session to session. One or two singers could still hook on, if you are interested.

DATES: 13-09 / 20-09 / 04-10 / 18-10 / 01-11 / 15-11 / 29-11 / 13-12
MORE INFO: on our workshop page

To reserve your place in the Friday group for Autumn 2019:

  1. please transfer the workshop fee by clicking this payment link
  2. send us an e-mail via with your name (and account owner from where you made the payment) and your telephone number

European Conference CEPI with Genetic Choir practice

Coming weekend, the 4th edition of CEPI (Conférence Européenne Pour l’Improvisation) is bringing together improvisers from all over Europe in Valcivières, France.

Thomas is invited to present Genetic Choir work in two workshop/presentations on Saturday. It will also be a moment to make friends and connect the WhatIIIF? initiative of a nomadic Improvisation Festival (that Genetic Choir is involved in) to the CEPI community.

If you want to pass by, look in the programme, and contact the organisers:

Next chance to do Genetic Choir practice in the Netherlands is by joining the Friday Sessions in Amsterdam (only if you already know Genetic Choir work) or come to the open One-Day workshop in Breda on 30 November 2019.

Genetic Choir workshops from September 2019

It’s holidays! But we want to already inform you that after a well-deserved summer break we will start the workshop season in September again with

One-Day workshops in Amsterdam and Breda

and a new set of

8 Friday Morning Sessions in Amsterdam

More detailed info about these workshops is on our Workshop Page, here below in this post the overview:

Sunday, 1 September 2019

One-Day Genetic Choir workshop in Amsterdam

There are just a few places left, so if you want to be there:

  1. reserve with this payment link
  2. send us an email with your name and telephone number (

    If you reserved at a moment that there are no places left anymore, we will refund you in full once we are back from vacation. It will be first come, first served on date of the payments that have come in.

Friday Morning Sessions from 13 september

You are welcome to inscribe to these sessions if you have done a Genetic Choir workshop before!

Dates: 13-09 / 20-09 / 04-10 / 18-10 / 01-11 / 15-11 / 29-11 / 13-12

To reserve a place, follow the procedure above, but then using this payment link for the Friday Sessions.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

One-Day Genetic Choir workshop in Breda

…for the Genetic Choir singers who regularly gather in the South of the Netherlands and all those interested who’d like to get to know our voice improvisation work!

To reserve a place, follow the procedure above, but then using this payment link for the Breda Workshop.

Don’t forget to send us an email so we can match your payment to you. 😀

“Shower, Silence, Spirits” – Monday at 4pm

Tomorrow, Monday 8 July, Genetic Choir singers will perform an OffHandOpera by Reinhard Gagel in the wake of our Edge of Language workshop in Amsterdam.

You are welcome to witness it at 16:00 in studio de Eester, C. van Eesterenlaan 302, Amsterdam

Dr. Reinhard Gagel is head of research at exploratorium Berlin and connected to the Genetic Choir through the International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival initiative (WhatIIIF?)

Singing for Bamboo Sphere in Arti et Amicitiae

This Friday, Genetic Choir singers will open the UPDATE exhibition in Amsterdam art house Arti et Amicitiae.

We are invited for a collaboration with Maria Blaisse and her artwork “Bamboo Sphere”.

For this performance, we will use first studies of our understanding of the intangible voice, which will be part of Genetic Choir’s (Non)Corpus project that is will kick in fully later this year. (you can still get involved as test-audience this autumn, click here 😀 )

28 June 2019, 19:00

Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam

Entrance: free / performance starts directly after the opening at 7pm
There is food and a buffet available from 18:00 (vouchers at the bar)

Genetic Choir singers in this performance: Irene Rametta, Jeannette Huizinga, Moira Mirck, Marjolijn Roeleveld, Thomas Johannsen en Yank Bıçakçı