Japan tour 2016

dsc05037 dsc05055 dsc05078 dsc05088 dsc05238 dsc05255 dsc05259 dsc05268 dsc05274 x-dsc05244 x-naomi-dsc05281We haven’t had time to review and report in a proper manner on our packed and unforgettable experience travelling to Japan last September. But we can give you a first impression by this gallery of photographs.

The photos above are from the second part of our journey (21-25 September), which led us to Shikoku island. There, we were to collaborate with master Bunraku player Kanroku and his company Mokugu-sha. We were asked to create a new live soundtrack for their modern Bunraku piece “Born on this planet” and performed it with them both in Tokushima city and in a remote mountain village, where a restored Bunraku theatre lies next to a shinto temple, deep in the woods.

An article about our collaboration with the Japanese puppet theatre has been published in the December 2016 issue of the Dutch Puppet Theatre magazine “Wereld van het Poppenspel“. Read the article (in Dutch) here.

The photos below are from the first part of our journey (17-21 September), where we were the international guest on the Creative Music Festival in Hiroshima, and guests in the house of our generous hosts, Daisuke Terauchi and Tamaho Miyake.

We gave two workshops and two concerts on the two-day festival, also collaborating with other festival participants. New music enthousiasts from all over Japan were attending.    We had beautiful reactions, one of which we published on our blog here.


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