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"Whatever it was, it was very good!"GC_picutre_for_website4_darker_notext

surprised audience member after Elevator Music

“These sounds… some of them… I had to laugh, but it also did something to me. I really got this urge to fly!”

Midas Dekkers in reaction to the Insects Concert

“I have been listening full of of fascination to the Genetic Choir pieces. You appear to me as a vocal machine that is constantly searching, evaluating, probing, seducing, without any fear.”

an online listener to our Audio Page    


Upcoming Concert Dates: 

Echo: Labyrinth

a walk and a site-specific concert in Amstelpark, featuring special guest Mark Alban Lotz on flutes.   

Labyrinth_by_snugsomeoneSaturday 20 June 2015
& Sunday 21 June 2015

three concerts each day: 15:00 / 16:15 / 18:00
gathering point: Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, NL

More info about the concert: click here!





LARGO / Boslab


10-15 July 2015 in het Amsterdamse Bostheater / Boslab
LARGO is a visual & musical performance in which time itself is changing pace. We see a group of people approaching. They are coming from the countryside. Slowly, they are coming closer. In what first seemed unity, you start seeing differences. You start zooming in to the smallest detail. LARGO is showing the world in a slower tempo.

Genetic Choir is creating the music and the singers are part of the durational physical performance of this piece by Judith Hazeleger.


Other projects/performance dates (more info will follow):


September 2015  – an investigation into electronic and vocal ‘echo’ techniques. In collaboration with Robert van Heumen and STEIM, Amsterdam

“Resonance Lab” 24h

10 October 2015, 22:00 to 11 October, 22:00 – Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam
Merlijn Twaalfhoven invites for another mega-voice concert and Genetic Choir will again bring in their expertise and singers!

Premiere “Ijsbeer in de Tropen”

15 November 2015 – Amstelveense Poppentheater, Amstelveen
Genetic Choir made the all-vocals sound-track for this atmospheric children piece (with music and soundscapes for northpole/ocean/jungle) by Lindai Boogerman and Thomas Johannsen

Vorlesebühne, ‘Vlaamse Editie’

15 Januari 2016 – Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Genetic Choir instant composes as the returning musical guest for the writers of the Vorlesebühne.
also: 16 januari at Houtzaagmolen de Ster in Utrecht


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If you like to read about our past concerts, have a look in the Concert Archive .



Live audio examples          Booking information          What is the Genetic Choir?

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