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THE EDGE OF LANGUAGE – 17+18 February 2018

language_edge_closerA workshop about the moments when music becomes language and words become sound.


a Genetic Choir workshop

When we improvise with our voices, sometimes sounds emerge which are language-like, or even very much like comprehensible words. How do we treat this moment when singers are on the verge of becoming improvising poets?

It is fun to play with the sound of words, it is what children do a lot and it is a bliss to indulge ourselves into this word-sound playfulness. But as improvisers, we are looking for more: clarity and depth of expression, not only in music but also when words come in to play. For the audience, the shift from music to words is sudden, because our minds work that way: they cling to understandable words and story whenever they can. So how do we treat this shift as improvisers? How do we keep the imagination open when words pretend to pin down all meaning? Can we serve both, the god of poetry and the god of music? Or even better: can we stay in the no-mans land between music and meaning, and take all our time to balance on the Edge of Language?

17+18 February 2017 / 10:30-17:00  /  130,10 Euro (110,- excl.VAT) / Amsterdam

To reserve your place in the workshop:

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    workshops@genetic-choir.org with your
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We are looking forward to dive with you in this endlessly fascinating research of voices, words and music!

Sounds from deep under the earth

Connecting with Genetic Choir’s interest in environmental sounds turned vocal, have a look at this splendid project where Mikhail Karikis made a mine workers choir reproduce the sounds they heard while working deep down in the mines.

With thanks to Michiel & Renate of Soundtrackcity.nl who pointed us to it!

Being ‘on time’ and connected

Are you sometimes late? Sometimes stressed because you don’t fit into someone else’s idea of time?

There is something peculiar about our own personal rhythm and our relationship with TIME and others. Because one could say it is always best to ‘follow your own rhythm’, but what if that rhythm doesn’t groove with the world around us?

How can we ‘take our time’ and still be ‘on time’ whenever it is needed?

Improvisation music is a great place to explore this. Where to keep our own time, where to yield and change our timing, groove together or enjoy the spicy reality of an incongruent rhythmic relationship. We can be connected in so many ways. 🙂

Come sing with us, be with us, and share your time:

18 + 19 November 2017 – RHYTHM & TIME(ING)

a Genetic Choir workshop

Two full days, 10:30-17:00  /  130,10 euro (110,- euro excl.VAT) /  Amsterdam

To reserve a place:

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  2. send us an e-mail via
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In case the workshop is already full and you have paid, your money will be returned in full.

Looking at rhythm and timing from a Genetic Choir point of view, we are less interested in counting rhythms and more interested in developing crisp timing of your own rhythmic phrases and the exhilaration of singing together in ’many times’ (polyrhythms). We will explore the thrill of falling together in the ‘same time’ and deviating away from it again. We will explore how we can let complex rhythms appear, how we can groove together and groove on our own, in short: A weekend to become a true rhythm animal without ever counting a beat!


Training group Genetic Choir singing

From January 2018, we will start again a series of eight Friday morning singing sessions, in a two-weekly rhythm.

There’s a pioneer group of singers who already inscribed, so it will definitely happen! Who else is in? 🙂

We are looking for people who have done at least one Genetic Choir workshop before and who want to commit to a stable training group for this spring.

All core aspects of Genetic Choir singing will be covered – melody/rhythm/sounds, engagement/availability/crystallizing, timing and composing,…

If you want to join, but you haven’t done a workshop before, come to the 18/19 November weekend on Rhtyhm & Time(ing).


Place: Studio Wladiwostok, Bogortuin 16, Amsterdam
Costs for the eight sessions: 232,32 euro (192,- euro excl.VAT)
Dates: 12 & 26 January, 9 & 23 February, 9 & 23 March and 6 & 20 April

If you want to reserve a place in this group, transfer the sessions’ fee using this payment link:
Friday Morning Sessions Jan-April 2018 reservation

& send an e-mail with your name, telephone number and postal address to
workshops@genetic-choir.org  —  In case the group is already full, you receive your payment back.

See you singing!



Performance with the sisters of St. Catharinadal

The Genetic Choir will give a very special performance in a Monastery tomorrow as part of the

1. Kunst Biennale Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek

We embark on a vocal adventure with the songs the sisters of the monastery St. Catharindal sing during their mid-day prayers.

The performance is embedded in the Expert Meeting ‘Kunst en Religie’, organised by the Van der Leeuwstichting. If you are interested to join this symposium in full (10:00-17:00), send an e-mail to vanderleeuwstichting@gmail.com

Date: Friday the 20th of October
Place: St. Catharinadal, Kloosterdreef 3, Oosterhout


Exploring Structures and Flow this weekend

For those who thought that “Flow” and “Structures” are opposites of each other, come join our upcoming Voice Improvisation workshop to see how they are completely intertwined!

Take river deltas and city traffic: flow creates structures (by itself) and structures create flow. But sometimes, certain structures block the flow in improvisation. So when does that happen, and how can we prevent it?

Sing, research and play with Genetic Choir singers around this theme this coming weekend in Amsterdam!

When: Saturday and Sunday, 7+8 October, 10:30-17:00

Where: studio de Eester, C. van Eesterenlaan 266, Amsterdam

How much: € 110,- exBTW (€ 130,10 total)

How: Inscribe via workshops@genetic-choir.org


Four Genetic Choir workshops coming up!

If you were waiting for the possibility to do Genetic Choir singing yourself, the coming months are filled with ample opportunity to do so.

17 September 2017  One-Day Genetic Choir workshop in Amsterdam (for newbies and for refreshing your knowledge of the principles).

24+25 September 2017  Weekend Genetic Choir workshop in Prague.

7+8 October 2017  Weekend Genetic Choir workshop in Amsterdam on the theme Structures and Flow. Read more here.

18+19 November  Weekend Genetic Choir worskhop in Amsterdam on the theme of Rhythm and Time(ing). Read more here.

Interested? Find more info here and/or write an email to workshops@genetic-choir.org to inscribe.