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the Genetic Choir singers

Invitation to Sweden

musical-evolution2_bewerktWhile the Loop-Copy-Mutate project of the Genetic Choir is in further development, Thomas Johannsen has been invited to the International Symposium on the Histories and Practices of Choral Singing after submitting this article that describes the collaboration of the ‘human sampling organism’ of the Genetic Choir with computer music programmers working on computer listening and music creative systems.

The Symposium will happen in Lund, Sweden, from 19-21 October 2016.

Travel funding is still being sought to see if a delegation of the Genetic Choir can attend the conference in person.

Read the article here:

More info on the symposium: click here

Genetic Choir on International Computer Music Conference

logo_icmc2016As a new result of the Loop-Copy-Mutate project, the Genetic Choir has been invited to ICMC 2016 in Utrecht, this September 12th-16th.

The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) is the largest, most established international conference for music practitioners working with digital technologies. It is a travelling annual conference, currently in its 42nd edition, which gathers leading researchers, practitioners and artists from around the world working in the academia, industry, or independently in a variety of fields – a.o. music and sound art, interactive art, performance, musicology, human-computer interaction, computer science and engineering. This year back in the Netherlands (after 30 years), it is organised by Gaudeamus Muziekweek and HKU University of Arts, Utrecht.

If you would like to read the article that won us the interest of this conference, look here.

With the prospect of beginning programming work on the listening software for the Loop-Copy-Mutate project in August 2016, we intend to hold a hands-one workshop on ICMC2016 for SuperCollider programmers and other interested people, featuring Genetic Choir singers and our own programming team.

We will update you closer to the time with more detailed information.

Tickets for the conference can be bought here.



Genetic Choir sings the Land…

singtheland_belderbos3This weekend, Genetic Choir singers will engage vocally with “Zing het Land” (Sing the Land), an exposition in Utrecht about the visual poetry of Frisian landscapes.

The exposition is created by Stefan Belderbos, with music by Martijn Pieck. It can still be visited this Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-17:00.

singtheland_belderbos1If you like to hear the Genetic Choir, you are very much invited to visit the finissage this Sunday, where we will create instant compositions from the us surrounding land.

Date: Sunday, October 27th, 16:00

Place: Sub Up, Gruttersdijk 12, close to ‘de Bemuurde Weerd’, Utrecht


2015 with the Genetic Choir


The new year is approaching, and here is an overview of when and where to experience the Genetic Choir In 2015 (concerts, workshops, projects). Some concrete dates for the next few month and some glass-bowl looking for other things to come…

17+18 January 2015 – 10:30-17:00 – OLD SONGS, NEW SONGS (open workshop sessions)

29 January 2015 – 22:30 – LATE NIGHT CONCERT in the Compagnietheater, hosted by international theatre improv festival IMPRO Amsterdam

31 January 2015 – 13:00-16:00 – Genetic Choir taster workshop on IMPRO Amsterdam

1 March 2015 —  GENETIC CHOIR ONE-DAY SESSION (open workshop session)

21+22 March 2015  —  SPACE / SOUND / BODIES , 10:30-17:00 (open workshop sessions)

13+14 June 2015 —  RHYTHM AND TIME(ING) , 10:30-17:00 (open workshop sessions)



  • There’ll be an electronic-vocal concert of the Genetic Choir at STEIM, as part of a collaboration with Robert van Heumen, later this year.
  • Puppet player and theatre maker Lindai Boogerman asked us to help her make the soundtrack for her next performance: “Een ijsbeer in de tropen” .
  • We are holding the ‘Space Sound Bodies’ sessions in March in Utrecht in order to further or research into voice+dance performance together with the strong community of Improvisation dancers there.
  • Another collaboration with Zone2Source might result in a midsummer’s night concert on location in one of the Floriade ruins in Amstelpark, Amsterdam.
  • We are trying to convince the builders of the new metro line in Amsterdam (NoordZuidlijn) to do a concert in one of their tunnels before the trains run through them.
  • And of course: The 2nd Genetic Choir album is going to come out in 2015! Everything is recorded, now in post-production. Proposed title: “Church Songs for the 21st Century”

Have a great jump into 2015, see you around – and we will keep you posted!  🙂

CD Release!

It was about time:  The first Genetic Choir CD is now available for you to purchase!

P1050248After inofficial pre-sales on our previous improvisation concerts, we now officially release this album of selected compositions that the Genetic Choir created during the last three years.

The album is full of unpredictable, unpindownable music that nobody in particular thought up. Only the “musically reactive organism of the Genetic Choir in full blow” can be held responsible for this very varied collection of new music.

All pieces on this album were instantly composed and recorded, during concerts and live sessions in the period 2011 to early 2013. You can listen to some of our music on the audio page, if you’d like an impression.

If you would like the CD to be delivered to your doorstep, click here: Order CD

Next opportunity to hear the Genetic Choir live: 2 November 2013 in Utrecht, NL.
More info will follow, keep connected to this blog.