Melk bij de wijn: Genetic Choir & De Vorlesebühne

The Genetic Choir teams up again with the writer’s collective De Vorlesebühne to present an evening of prose and music at Molen De Ster in Utrecht on Saturday 17 March. An evening of vocal absurdity not to be missed!

You can dine together with the performers from 18:15 inside a historic windmill. Jolanda’s Kitchen prepares a delicious and nutritious three-course menu. Reservation via is mandatory, at the latest on Thursday 15th March.


Date: Saturday, 17 March 2018
Time: Dining from 18:15 uur / performance doors open: 19:30, performance begins at 20:00
Place: Molen de Ster, Molenpark 3, Utrecht
Admission: € 12, – (€ 10, – with CJP, U-pass or library card)

Reservations possible via
Entrance to the windmill via bridge Floresstraat.

9 days in Japan… 

The Genetic Choir Ensemble is right now boarding their plane on Tokyo Narita Airport on their way back to Amsterdam.

What an amazing days it have been! 

You can find the on-the-go photo diary of our tour and performances via the link below.

Genetic Choir Ensemble facebook page (with a.o. the Japan Journey day-by-day journal )

(the page is accessible even if you are not on facebook)




More detailed reports will follow! 

Bulgarian modern

Listen to this collaboration of the Genetic Choir with Bulgarian voices Juliette van Dijk and Marielle de Winter (Pauni Trio), resulting in

Genetic Choir Composition 15120405

– including the Bulgarian christian-orthodox hymn ‘Tebe Poem’ (Dobri Hristov).


Taken from our concert “Church Songs for the 21st Century”, celebrating Genetic Choir’s new CD on 4 December 2015.

Recording credits: Harald Kerres

A Line-Up for the 21st Century

The Genetic Choir concert tomorrow in Amsterdam will be our biggest to date:  About 90 minutes of improvised music with drinks in between and with a line-up of musicians that wouldn’t look bad in any concert hall.

Update: here an impression of the concert we gave…

Come and join us to celebrate the release of our new CD “Church Songs for the 21st Century” with this spectacular line-up of musicians and a 18 singers strong Genetic Choir!

Other than on a common CD launch concert you will not hear any pieces from our album. 🙂  No, only brandnew instant compositions that we create with our guests from places far and near and with the beautiful acoustics of the Obrechtkerk in Amsterdam.

This concert is unrepeatable…

Buy your tickets here or at the door from 19:30.

FLYERGCObrecht_02VOORChurch Songs for the 21st Century – The Concert

Friday, 4th of December 2015


19:30 doors+bar open / 20:00 concert starts

Address: Obrechtkerk, Jacob Obrechtstraat 30, Amsterdam



First Dutch review of our new CD

More reviews are coming in! This one is for our Dutch followers, from conductor/singer/orchestrator Ruben Smits. (Want to come to our cd release concert on 4 december? Click here.)

Nog voor de officiele release datum van onze nieuwe cd (zie ook het 4 december concert) vroegen we mensen binnen en buiten de muziekwereld naar de cd te luisteren en hun indrukken voor ons op te schrijven.

Nu dus de recensie van dirigent, arrangeur en zanger Ruben Smits. Beneden een uittreksel, de hele review lees je hier.

Genetic Choir Church Songs _ frontVerrassingsmenu van een utopisch ensemble

“Church Songs for the 21st Century toont de stem in al zijn facetten en al zijn dynamiek. Voor een klein uur bevind je je in een andere wereld, vol risico, fantasie en verwondering.”

“(…) Dat vind ik bovenal het beste aan Genetic Choir en deze cd. Je kunt als luisteraar ‘gewoon eens’ onbestemd, zonder te weten wat gaat komen, luisteren zonder te anticiperen. Zoals het verrassingsmenu op de restaurantkaart, dient Church Songs for the 21st Century hapjes in andere en soms zeer onverwachte smaken. ‘Promised Land’ ontaardt geleidelijk in zielensnijdende lamentaties, evenals ‘Sing, Fallen Angels, Sing’, waar de hoge dosis ruis een gevoel van zwaarte en pijn in de luisteraar losmaakt en in ‘Those Who Dug Down Deep’ worden juist de slaande kerkbellen onderdeel van het soundscape. Maar de grootste verrassing zit aan het eind van (het overigens relatief zeer idiomatisch beginnende) ‘Congregation / Entrance of the King’.”

Read the whole review here.


First CD review on new ‘Church Songs’ album

We sent our new CD out prior to its upcoming release (see the 4 december concert), and the first reviews are coming in from colleagues around the globe. This one is from New Zealand born composer Alison Isadora who listened and wrote the following – below some excerpts, the full review can be found here.

Genetic Choir Church Songs _ front“The CD starts with whispering before settling into more melodic phrases with a rhythmic accompaniment. Although we can hear that the choir is singing in a church, the voices are always close to us. There is an immediacy to the voices. As with many of the pieces on this CD, the use of a sense of a constant tonality and the presence of ostinato figures offers support for those listeners who may find the vocal adventures challenging.

In other tracks dense textures break open into jungle-like screams, croaks and gasps. A drone may give continuity within these rich and varied sonic landscapes. Silence may also act as a musical parameter.

In Track 3 I asked myself whether I was listening to an African language or an imagined one. The Genetic choir have developed their own vocabulary – a combination of vowels and consonants which is at once totally believable and yet seductively mysterious. (…)

In other pieces long slow contrapuntal lines coexist with fast ostinato figures. It is fascinating to hear how ideas develop, how melodic lines are shared, inverted and expanded. A melody that starts life as diatonic may move to a microtonal version and back again within the length of a breath.

(1) ChurchSongsCD back_notsquareThroughout the album there is a consistency in melodic material, a predeliction for drones and ostinato figures and a great willingness to explore and accept the richness of sounds a voice can make. We hear how musical ideas are embraced, expanded, developed and varied. This is group improvisation at its best. (…)”


Curious? Come to our magnificent CD release concert in the Obrechtkerk Amsterdam on 4 december –

more info, reserve tickets (and the CD) on this page.

It’s Genetic Choir CONCERT Month

We are starting on a month full of Genetic Choir concerts!

And actually, we are looking at a row of concerts that couldn’t be more diverse. You would think we planned this to showcase the various areas of the performing arts where the Genetic Choir is active (but we didn’t, honestly)  🙂

From the cutting-edge of music programming research to a soundtrack made for a theatre piece , from blending with fine art at a gallery to giving a big Church Concert with Bulgarian singers and organ to celebrate the release of our new CD: Church Songs for the 21st Century.

Take your pick!


Friday 6 November 2015, 20:00

musical evolutionpresenting the Loop-Copy-Mutate project at STEIM’s Session View X

in collaboration with Robert van Heumen

Doors open: 19:30  Concert starts: 20:00

STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam


Sunday, 15 November 2015, 14:30

(1) IJSBEER PosterA3_zonder_randPremiere: Ijsbeer in de Tropen (Ice bear in the jungle)

A puppet/object piece about an ice bear who gets lost on the ocean and ends up in the jungle. The piece is both about the feeling of going on adventure and the longing for home.

With a soundtrack created+sung by the Genetic Choir: all natural noises (pole winds, storms, waves/beach, jungle+apes) are done by human voices, to astonishing results.

More info about the performance is here.

For children from 3 years upward.  Dutch language skills not required. Reserve tickets here.

Amstelveens Poppentheater, Wolfert van Borsselenweg 85a, Amstelveen



Sunday, 29 November 2015, 16:00


Finissage of the Young Blood Initiatives’ month at Galerie Bart’s former venue: Bart Invites

The Genetic Choir will be reflecting on the exhibition with a special concert. (more info soon on this blog!)

November 29th, 4pm at Bart Invites, Bloemgracht 2, Amsterdam


Friday 4 December 2015, 20:00

Genetic Choir Church Songs _ frontChurch Songs for the 21st Century

We celebrate the release of Genetic Choir’s second album “Church Songs for the 21st Century” with an amazing concert in the Obrechtkerk.

Jacob Obrechtstraat 30, Amsterdam

Very special guests confirmed until now include Jacob Lekkerkerker on organ and the amazing Bulgarian Voices of the Pauni Trio.

All our guests will engage with the Genetic Choir in Instant Composition and we will of course work with the special acoustics given by the church.

Obrechtkerk_picTickets for this concert are only €5 and you can reserve here.

You can even get a discount if you reserve your ticket together with a CD. Be one of the first to get the new CD on release day!  Check out the options to support us for this very special concert: here.


Music review writing in exchange for CD !

ChurchSongsCD frontandbackWhile the CD launch date – 4 December – is approaching slowly, the new CD’s are already waiting, ready and eager to be listened to and scrutinized!  We therefore would like to propose the following:

Receive the brand new “Church Songs for the 21st Century” album before anyone else – and for free – in exchange for writing a preview/review for us about the CD.

Let us know if you are interested in this little swop of goods against activity.  If you promise to work your writing skills for us, we will send the CD to you at our own costs, or bring it personally to your door if you live anywhere near another Genetic Choir singer. 🙂

Write an e-mail to if you are interested in this, or get in touch via the Contact Page.

CD launch concert is on the 4th of December 2015 in the Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam!

update:  …the first reviews are coming in. Here one of Alison Isadora.

African Women Radio project & Genetic Choir

The Genetic Choir has become part of a compilation release to celebrate World Radio Day 2015 through the project The Women Sing At Both Sides Of The Zambezi.

Listen to this sound snippet remix, featuring Zimbabwean writer Virginia Phiri and a Genetic Choir composition that we created in reaction to her words. Inge van den Kroonenberg made this short but evocative remix using pieces of both recordings.


This piece is part of a bigger project in which ‘sonic correspondence’ has been sought between women in Arts, Culture and Media from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and artists around the world. Practically, it meant that recordings of these women’s voices, talking about issues they feel strongly about, where offered to create musical responses to.

To hear the original words of Virginia Phiri in context, listen here:


Thanks Virginia, for your words, thanks Radio Continental Drift, for spreading them and thanks Inge, for involving us in this and creating this beautiful poststamp composition!

Claudia Wegener from Radio Continental Drift commented on the merging of Genetic Choir voices with Phiri’s words & Inge’s remix talent: “Beautiful take on the spiritual effect of the drum beat on the human soul via the human voice! And teasing it out in a 42 seconds piece! Wonderful project!”

Below the whole compilation of the musical exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world & some more info about this great project (which is still going on and invites more correspondences):



From the website of the project, initiated by Radio Continental Drift:

Radio Correspondence of Women Artists 

a compilation released in celebration of World Radio Day 2015     download MP3 Compilation (51.7 MB; 39minutes; 15 mp3 tracks)


Continue reading “African Women Radio project & Genetic Choir”

The Silo Tapes #2

Here another of our ‘super-echo-environment’ compositions from spending time in abandoned industrial structures this season…

It starts with a long, spacey build-up and becomes rather song-like later on. Headphones recommend to get a good audio-feel of that silo!


Many thanks again to

Jakub Kupikowski for the suggestion

Carolien Zwirt for the connection

and AMVEST for the permission and opportunity to work in the silo

The Silo Tapes #1

Composing vocal music in the amazing super-echo environment of an abandoned silo, in the former harbour of Amsterdam.

This is what the Genetic Choir did last month and here is the first of a number of instant compositions we recorded there. ( Maybe a new CD in the making…? )


Many thanks to
Jakub Kupikowski for the suggestion

Carolien Zwirt for the connection

and AMVEST for the permission and opportunity


You can find more Genetic Choir music on our Audio Page or on our first CD.



CD Release!

It was about time:  The first Genetic Choir CD is now available for you to purchase!

P1050248After inofficial pre-sales on our previous improvisation concerts, we now officially release this album of selected compositions that the Genetic Choir created during the last three years.

The album is full of unpredictable, unpindownable music that nobody in particular thought up. Only the “musically reactive organism of the Genetic Choir in full blow” can be held responsible for this very varied collection of new music.

All pieces on this album were instantly composed and recorded, during concerts and live sessions in the period 2011 to early 2013. You can listen to some of our music on the audio page, if you’d like an impression.

If you would like the CD to be delivered to your doorstep, click here: Order CD

Next opportunity to hear the Genetic Choir live: 2 November 2013 in Utrecht, NL.
More info will follow, keep connected to this blog.

May Music

A recent session of the Genetic Choir yielded the piece of music below. Enjoy!

In our ambition in publishing a new recording every month, this more contemporary piece contrasts nicely with the April Melodies of last month.

Composition 1304071 – Pas ce soir


Upcoming Genetic Choir Events:

22 June 2013 – Genetic Choir @ Lange nacht van kort vreemd proza, Utrecht

26 June 2013 – Genetic Choir @ Tabula Rasa, Amsterdam

29/30 June 2013 – workshop Genetic Choir / theme: “Melody Makers”

April Melodies

To prove that we can also end up with a slightly more mainstream a capella sound when singing from nothing, listen to this piece that appeared as the opening composition of a concert we did last summer. (Although ‘mainstream a capella people’ will probably still find this music rather curious, I believe. Oh sweet relativity!)

Composition 1206011 – Overture PuntWG

The Genetic Choir is publishing every first day of the month a new composition, drawn from our previous concerts and performances. Have a look at all the other music on our Audio Page.

If you are interested to experience being part of the choir and how this type of music is being created, there is an open Genetic Choir workshop planned on

29+30 June 2013

with the theme “Melody Makers”. Click here for more information.

David Bowie – live remixed the Genetic Choir way

This months’ sound treat of the Genetic Choir is a cut-up remix of Bowie’s famous song ‘Space Oddity’ put through the human meat-mill of the Genetic Choir ensemble. Tell singers to choose their own little fragment from the song and to use it as the starting point for the composition, and this is what you get. 🙂 Oh yes, and nobody was allowed to use the words “Ground Control” or “Major Tom”  😉

As the soundmixing-machine is human and instant, each version is different – and the source material that the music starts from is spanning the whole range of ‘almost the original’ to very free interpretations… Enjoy.

Composition 1302235 – SpaceOddity (no Major Tom)

We performed another version of this piece yesterday night on the lovely first evening of the Axolot Aquarium, titled “Space Odyssey”, next to two other compositions. It was a great night, thanks to all musicians and audience! (the Axolot Aquarium is going to be a regular event of manifold styles of music + performance in Amsterdam, every two months. Check it out!)




February song

Here a composition for this chilly, empty time of the year…   🙂

This is another piece that we actually recorded in the heat of summer last year, thanks to an invitation of Dennis Maij ( to work in his studio. (more recorded music can be found here)

(1) 2002.Olin.9.5x17.5cmMoreover, it is one of the pieces we started making based on graphic scores. Here on a drawing made by Tanja Smit ( She creates drawings based on printed texts in books and newspaper-articles. This drawing – “Olin” – happens to be based on a Finnish text. For more information about Tanja and her collaboration with the Genetic Choir look here.

We are going to sing a concert based on more of her drawings on 10th of February 2013. For more information and reservations, click here or look at the previous post on this blog (below).

Genetic Choir Christmas Carol

As we enjoy playing the game of inventing new labels for recordings made under completely different circumstances, listen now to the Genetic Choir release of this month: a song for the contemplative side of the festive season.

Earphones highly recommended to catch the spaciousness of the recording location! (applies to almost all music on our Audio page)

Composition 1206244 – piano JvV

Performed and instantly composed during a concert in the Metaalkathedraal, Utrecht on 24-06-2012, in collaboration with composer/pianist Jeroen van Veen.

Previous releases of Genetic Choir music:

Composition 1206243

Composition 1206167

…and of course even more on our audio page: click here