Vocal Instant Composition



Here a freshly mastered track from our upcoming CD “Church Songs for the 21st Century”.


Invitation to Japan

torii-gate2The Genetic Choir has been invited to be guest artist on CMF – Creative Music Festival in Hiroshima in 2016 !

We would love to accept this beautiful invitation and are now working on extending our tour and forging musical collaborations in other Japanese cities so that a working visit of the Genetic Choir to Japan next year becomes feasible.

Please let us know if you know of people/sponsors who could help make this happen, or if you know of other contemporary music contacts in Japan that we could approach to offer concerts and/or workshops.

For the occasion, we open the Japanese part of this website today:  はこちら(click here)

You can get in contact with us here. Any advice or suggestions are welcome! :-)


CMFblog_picThe Creative Music Festival (CMF) is a music festival that has been held in Japan every year since 1998.

In past editions, more than 40 guest artists were invited from all over the world to give experimental workshops and concerts. Past guest artists are active in the international forefront, and included the improvising musicians Urs Leimgruber, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Godfried-Willem Raes, Joelle Leandre, Trevor Wishart, Michael Fischer, Makoto Nomura, Koichi Makigami, Yoshihide Otomo, Tomomi Adachi, Akio Suzuki, Dora Video, the improvisation actress Yuri Kinugawa, the artists Tetsuya Umeda, Horio Kanta, etc.

As a music festival CMF focuses on the relationship between music and various adjacent fields – body expression and theatre, fine art, sound art, sociology, etc. Participants therefore come from a wide range of fields: professional musicians, music teachers, amateur musicians, artists, dancers, music therapists, etc.

The composer Yu Wakao organized the festival until CMF2008; since CMF2009 it has been organized by the composer and improviser Daisuke Terauchi.


Bimhuis concert with singers and dancers

grow_michaelTomorrow evening:
A performance/concert at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam which will feature two of our singers in a setting that could have been brewn in the Genetic Choir kitchen:

5 singers and 4 dancers create a full evening Instant Composition performance (two times 40 minutes) without any score or script.

It’s an initiative of Sandra Pujols and Michael Schumacher who are the curators of this a capella Monday Match edition. Next to Genetic Choir singers Rutger de Groot and Thomas Johannsen they asked Ainara Garcia Navarro, Job Cornelissen, Madeline Harms, Heike Jakob & Cora Schmeiser to join them for this dance/voice encounter at the Bimhuis.

grow_sandraMonday, 13 April 2015 / Time: 20:30 / Bimhuis, Piet Heinkade 3, Amsterdam

Entrance: free!
(thanks to the Bimhuis who keeps supporting the dance+music impro scene in Amsterdam with these monthly performance labs in their lovely concert venue!)

1504.13-MMAnd the amazing Emese Csornai will improvise with us from behind the lights. Be there!

Friday Morning sessions from September

GC_concerts_smallUpcoming! Regular singing/composing sessions on Friday mornings from September to December 2015.

We will do it in a two-week rhythm, and the sessions are meant for people who want to come regularly. You commit for a set of 8 sessions, so that we can deepen the work from one session to the next.
No specific singing background is required, just being ready to work intensely and with curiosity from your own voice, blending/contrasting with other voices. (more info on the Genetic Choir method here, other workshop dates are here).

We already have a great group of 8 singers who committed themselves to the dates.

Let us know if you would like to join as well.

PLACE: Studio Wladiwostok, Amsterdam, Java-Eiland.

DATES: every second Friday morning, from 4 September to 11 December 2015:
04-09, 18-09, 02-10, 16-10, 30-10, 13-11, 27-11, 11-12

TIME: 10:00-12:30

COSTS: 192,- euro (excl.VAT / 232,32 incl.gc_workshopcontent_button )

If you have never done a Genetic Choir workshop before, we ask you to do that first. Possibilities are 13/14 June or 13 September. Look here.

Dropping in per single session is only possible for very experienced Genetic Choir people. Get in touch with us first if you would like to make use of that possibility.

We are looking forward to this! If it works for us and you, we will continue it in 2016…   :-)



Exploring Space and Place through Sound

We will be having a two-day session in Utrecht on 21+22 March, looking at Space, Movement and Voice the Genetic Choir way. (want to join? The workshop is almost full, but you can Send us a note to inquire about latest numbers)

21+22 March 2015   —    SPACE / SOUND / BODIES

phrases_stillstbr_4_crop_for_blogIt may not always feel like it, but your body, the space around you and your voice are all subtly connected: if one changes, the other two are affected. To become more aware of this triple interaction and be able to play with it as a performer in an interdisciplinary ensemble is the ambition of these two days.

The workshop is welcoming improvisation singers who don’t mind moving and improvisation dancers who want to connect their spatial and bodily awareness to Vocal Instant Composition – the ability to work with voices musically, as an ensemble.

“Find your space and you will find your voice”, Enrique Pardo tends to say to his performers. We will investigate this notion and find that any type of space, and any specific constellation of bodies in that space has profound influence on our voice. Everyday life trains us not to be too influenced by this, but for improvisers this is where the magic happens in live performance.

Our research will be to give this interdependency all our attention, so that we can play with it, be moved and surprised and use space, voices and bodies to their fullest ability.

This is a Genetic Choir workshop in collaboration with Dans Improvisatie Utrecht

Two full days, 10:30-16:30  /  110,- exBTW (130,10 incl.)  /  120 incl.BTW for DI U&A dancers  /   Berenkuil, Utrecht
2 places left as of today. (updated Tuesday, 10 March)

You can inscribe both via the Genetic Choir (send us an e-mail through the Contact page) or via Dans Improvisatie Utrecht

African Women Radio project & Genetic Choir

The Genetic Choir has become part of a compilation release to celebrate World Radio Day 2015 through the project The Women Sing At Both Sides Of The Zambezi.

Listen to this sound snippet remix, featuring Zimbabwean writer Virginia Phiri and a Genetic Choir composition that we created in reaction to her words. Inge van den Kroonenberg made this short but evocative remix using pieces of both recordings.


This piece is part of a bigger project in which ‘sonic correspondence’ has been sought between women in Arts, Culture and Media from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and artists around the world. Practically, it meant that recordings of these women’s voices, talking about issues they feel strongly about, where offered to create musical responses to.

To hear the original words of Virginia Phiri in context, listen here:


Thanks Virginia, for your words, thanks Radio Continental Drift, for spreading them and thanks Inge, for involving us in this and creating this beautiful poststamp composition!

Claudia Wegener from Radio Continental Drift commented on the merging of Genetic Choir voices with Phiri’s words & Inge’s remix talent: “Beautiful take on the spiritual effect of the drum beat on the human soul via the human voice! And teasing it out in a 42 seconds piece! Wonderful project!”

Below the whole compilation of the musical exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world & some more info about this great project (which is still going on and invites more correspondences):



From the website of the project, initiated by Radio Continental Drift:

Radio Correspondence of Women Artists 

a compilation released in celebration of World Radio Day 2015     download MP3 Compilation (51.7 MB; 39minutes; 15 mp3 tracks)


Read the rest of this page »

Genetic Choir – open One Day session on 1st March

GeneticChoir_generictext-white_lasloodsWe’ll have a day of simply celebrating Genetic Choir music with singers old and new, on the first Sunday of March.

Everyone newly interested and/or previously engaged with us is welcome to join!

Date: Sunday, 01 March 2015
Time: 10:30-17:00
Fee: 60,- exBTW (72,60 incl.)
Place: Java-Eiland, Amsterdam

Places are limited.

Let us know if you want to join via the Contact page.