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musical evolution

The Genetic Choir announces a new project, Loop-Copy-Mutate, that merges the expertise of electronic samplers and ‘human samplers’ in search of musical meaning in the composition process.

We are seeking the expertise of those with experience in sound analysis/programming, app development and/or computer-based composition skills to help us with the next phase of our research.

More information here.

E-Culture Project Granted!




We would like to thank the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie for supporting our ‘Loop-Copy-Mutate’ project with a start subsidy! The Fund is actively involved in establishing connections between (e-)culture, entrepreneurship and social engagement.

We are looking for sound-programmers to join us for this project. More info will follow soon.

Learn more about ‘Loop-Copy-Mutate’ here (in Dutch):


Nights in the woods with LARGO


Only a few more days to see this compact, mysterious piece of musical theatre with the Genetic Choir!

We premiered yesterday and are playing four more nights till Wednesday:

LARGO (Boslab)
a piece by Judith Hazeleger
Music: The Genetic Choir

Start: 21:00

Location: Amsterdamse Bostheater in het Amsterdamse Bos

More info in this previous post
and for tickets/reservations: click here

(1) Boslab2015_fotoSaris&denEngelsman3796

photo credits: Yinske Silva (above) / Saris&denEngelsman (below)


Genetic Choir in the Woods (Boslab) 10-15 July


LARGO is a visual & musical performance in which time itself is changing pace. We see a group of people approaching. They are coming from the countryside. Slowly, they are coming closer. In what first seemed unity, you start seeing differences. You start zooming in to the smallest detail. LARGO is showing the world in a slower tempo.

10-15 July 2015 – 21:00 in het Amsterdamse Bostheater / Boslab

Tickets: click here

Judith Hazeleger is creating LARGO in het Boslab.

The Genetic Choir is creating the music for it and performing in this  durational physical performance piece.

Come see it!


Amstelpark concerts for Musicians without borders

support_mwb_whiteThis weekend’s Echo: Labyrinth concerts are in support of the great work that Musicians without borders is doing all over the world: Using music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war.

We are happy to join the initiative of our friends at Splendor who organise a dusk-till-dawn fundraising tomorrow, 21 June: The Splendor Musician Marathon.

Sponsor some minutes of music to support this great cause!

This can be done online here or when you come tomorrow to either the Splendor event in the centre of Amsterdam or our concerts in the Amstelpark: Put something in our hat after the concert to help Musicians without borders continue and extend their great work. We already gathered money for them with our three concerts today, which was a lovely experience with many different types of audience from old to very young. And lovely wheather, too! :-)

Come and help us make an even greater amount for Musicians without borders tomorrow!

It’s a great day to come to the park anyway, as Zone2Source is organising many other things as part of their exhibitions in Amstelpark and the Midsummer Nights Dream Solstice Performances.

Labyrinth_by_snugsomeoneThree more times to enjoy our open-air vocal concert on Sunday, 21st June:

15:00 – 16:15 – 18:00

gathering point: Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, NL (click here for Google Maps)

Echo: Labyrinth

a walk and a concert on location by The Genetic Choir, featuring special guest Mark Alban Lotz on flutes.

On a sunny afternoon in Amstel Park you are unexpectedly invited to join a guided tour through the lesser known areas of the park. You are curious, so you join the group that has gathered and follow them into the woods. After a labyrinthine route across small paths and non-paths, you finally come to an old stone-walled space that breathes of times gone by. You are asked to wait there and listen. The space seems to echo any sound that is uttered there. Clear echoing transforms into new sounds and musical structures as layers upon layers of echoes are added. A sound labyrinth is constructed as singers create a musical journey to even further-off places.

Echo:Labyrhinth is made possible in collaboration with Zone2Source and with support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.
Illustration courtesy of snugsomeone.

All the things to come: Concerts & Projects

So many things are happening to the Genetic Choir right now, it’s hard to keep track!  Here a quick overview of what is next and what is coming…

20+21 June 2015


Echo: Labyrinth

a walk and a site-specific concert in Amstelpark, featuring special guest Mark Alban Lotz on flutes.  

three walks+concert each day: 15:00 / 16:15 / 18:00
gathering point: Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, NL 
More info about the concert: click here

Limited places per concert, please reserve via our contact page!

Further away (more info will follow, but you can already save the dates in your agenda):


11-15 July 2015 in het Amsterdamse Bostheater / Boslab
Genetic Choir is doing the music and durational performance for this piece of Judith Hazeleger


September 2015  – an investigation into electronic and vocal ‘echo’ techniques. In collaboration with Robert van Heumen and STEIM, Amsterdam

Workshops and Sessions planned:

13 September 2015 – One-day Genetic Choir workshop
4 September 2015 – start of 8-part Genetic Choir sessions, bi-weekly on Friday mornings. More info here

“Resonance Lab” 24h

10 October 2015, 22:00 to 11 October, 22:00 – Muziekgebouw aan het Ij, Amsterdam
Merlijn Twaalfhoven invites for another mega-voice concert and Genetic Choir will again bring in their expertise and singers!

Premiere “Ijsbeer in de Tropen”

15 November 2015 – Amstelveense Poppentheater, Amstelveen
Genetic Choir made the all-vocals soundtrack for this atmospheric children piece (with music and soundscapes for northpole/ocean/jungle) by Lindai Boogerman and Thomas Johannsen

Vorlesebühne, ‘Vlaamse Editie’

15 Januari 2016 – Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Genetic Choir instant composes as the returning musical guest for the writers of the Vorlesebühne.
also: 16 januari at Houtzaagmolen de Ster in Utrecht

Visit from the US

Exploring Improvisation – Methods and Music

Hello, everyone! My name is Carole Ott and I am a professor of choral music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). My research is focused on free improvisation in the choral setting and I am looking forward to visiting Amsterdam to participate in the workshop Rhythm and Time(ing) next weekend as well as observe rehearsals for the upcoming Echo: Labyrinth performance.

I plan to document The Genetic Choir’s unique methods through audio and video recording and would love to talk with choir members about their experiences. A new blog of my experiences and interest in improvisation can be found here: http://exploringimprovisation.blogspot.com/.

Through improvising with my choirs at UNCG, I have experienced the power of creating music from nothing (or from a collective willingness to allow the music to happen!) and I can’t wait to explore more!