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African Women Radio project & Genetic Choir

The Genetic Choir has become part of a compilation release to celebrate World Radio Day 2015 through the project The Women Sing At Both Sides Of The Zambezi.

Listen to this sound snippet remix, featuring Zimbabwean writer Virginia Phiri and a Genetic Choir composition that we created in reaction to her words. Inge van den Kroonenberg made this short but evocative remix using pieces of both recordings.


This piece is part of a bigger project in which ‘sonic correspondence’ has been sought between women in Arts, Culture and Media from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and artists around the world. Practically, it meant that recordings of these women’s voices, talking about issues they feel strongly about, where offered to create musical responses to.

To hear the original words of Virginia Phiri in context, listen here:


Thanks Virginia, for your words, thanks Radio Continental Drift, for spreading them and thanks Inge, for involving us in this and creating this beautiful poststamp composition!

Claudia Wegener from Radio Continental Drift commented on the merging of Genetic Choir voices with Phiri’s words & Inge’s remix talent: “Beautiful take on the spiritual effect of the drum beat on the human soul via the human voice! And teasing it out in a 42 seconds piece! Wonderful project!”

Below the whole compilation of the musical exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world & some more info about this great project (which is still going on and invites more correspondences):



From the website of the project, initiated by Radio Continental Drift:

Radio Correspondence of Women Artists 

a compilation released in celebration of World Radio Day 2015     download MP3 Compilation (51.7 MB; 39minutes; 15 mp3 tracks)


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Genetic Choir – open One Day session on 1st March

GeneticChoir_generictext-white_lasloodsWe’ll have a day of simply celebrating Genetic Choir music with singers old and new, on the first Sunday of March.

Everyone newly interested and/or previously engaged with us is welcome to join!

No specific singing background required.

Date: Sunday, 01 March 2015
Time: 10:30-17:00
Fee: 60,- exBTW (72,60 incl.)
Place: Java-Eiland, Amsterdam

Places are limited.

Let us know if you want to join via the form below:




Noise only exists in our minds

microtonal wallFrom noise to music and back, is it a question of the mind and it’s perspective? It certainly is an experience we recognise in the Genetic Choir work: Many voices that are creating a noise-wall of sound will become more musically distinct purely by the joint effort of singers and audience members to listen more closely or changing their listening position.

A new blogpost on the lovely website everydaylistening.com yesterday describes the “Microtonal Wall” of Tristan Perich. And in the description of it makes the above statement: Noise is something which exists in our minds only – we just can’t keep track of all the different things happening at once, so it becomes “noise”. (whole blogpost is here)

The inspiring thing about this aspect of noise/music when talking about live performance is that it creates a much more reciprocal relationship between performers and listeners when instant composing: Singers of the Genetic Choir discover the music at the same time as their audience does. It is a subtle collaboration of all the ears who are present. And while every individual hears something different with his own set of minds/ears, there is also a shared movement from chaos to clarity (and back, maybe) which we don’t do on our own. When we make music that is ‘noise’ based, this is the most apparent. And it is comparable with the experience of the Microtonal Wall:  The audience creates focus and distinction with their listening and the performers react to this – which means that the listeners compose the music together with us.

BE_HACKER – Sound Performance on Friday 30th

Hacker (n.) [originally, someone who makes furniture with an axe].

“A hacker is one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming and circumventing limitations of programming systems and who tries to extend their capabilities.”  Verna Gehring (2004)

hacker-redCan we ‘hack’ the sounds of a place and turn them into music? Well, that is more or less what the Genetic Choir does. No problem.
In that light, an exciting question for this upcoming performance could be: Can the Genetic Choir hack itself?

January 30th, 2015
4bidGallery, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam 

Coming Friday, the Genetic Choir will give a sound performance in 4bidGallery, Amsterdam. It is part of BE_HACKER, this year’s edition of the MiniKunstFestival.

More info via this facebook link: click here

Concert & Workshop on IMPRO festival

cropped-header-impro-2015Just a reminder that next week we will be on IMPRO Amsterdam with both a late night concert and a workshop.

Tickets usually go very fast on this international festival, and it is their anniversary edition! So if you want to be part of either, be quick: www.impro-amsterdam.nl

LATE NIGHT CONCERTThursday, 29th of January 2015, 22:30 – Compagnietheater Amsterdam

Genetic Choir WORKSHOP: Saturday, 31st of January 2015, 13:00-16:00 – CREA, Amsterdam

Reservation and tickets only via the festival website.


Family Radio Living Room_well-known-songComing weekend, we will wrestle with singing old songs and creating new ones…!


The two-day session will combine our knowledge of instant composition with the phenomena/skill of “singing a song” and melt it together in one weekend. You can either come with a prepared song or completely blank, and we will workshop how to integrate different styles of song-singing into Genetic Choir improvisations. Those who want to purely improvise will be challenged with the task of solo improvising and story-telling (a song is more than an abstract sound-carpet). And those who like to work with their existing song will be taken on journeys of non-idiomatic ensemble improvisations with it. :-)

The workshop brings together all the experience the Genetic Choir has gathered earlier in Melody Makers, the Well-known-song workshops and the research on Phrasing.

Two full days, 10:30-17:00  /  110,- exBTW (130,10 incl.)   /  Amsterdam
If you would like to join, send us a message through the Contact page.        

A brilliant little film about music

…very much in the spirit of the Genetic Choir way of music making, this…!


Made by Milos Tomic – thanks Milos, lovely to watch this gathering-sound-composition…