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Loop-Copy-Mutate in Leeuwarden

Last opportunity to take part in our Loop-Copy-Mutate project in 2017!

This December, we invite you to join us in an exploration of the city of Leeuwarden through sound. We will offer a series of guided soundwalks and a concert in collaboration with Media Art Festival and Freeze Festival.

_D3S5028Friday, 15 Dec:

16:30 soundwalk 1 (Media Art Friesland – Snekertrekweg 1, 8912 AA Leeuwarden)

20:30 soundwalk 2 (de Neushoorn (as part of Freeze Festival) – Ruiterskwartier 41, 8911 BP Leeuwarden)

Saturday, 16 Dec:

12:00 soundwalk 3 (de Neushoorn)

18:00 concert (de Neushoorn)

Free admission for all events, but places limited. Reserve your place by sending an email to lcm@genetic-choir.org

More information: https://geneticchoir.wordpress.com/loop-copy-mutate/


Watch & Listen!

There’s been some buzz in the media about our Loop-Copy-Mutate project! Listen in to a recent radio interview with Thomas Johannsen on NH Tot Twaalf (June 20 program at 9:40).

We just released the latest trailer for our upcoming concert premiere in the Noord/Zuidlijn metro station at Amsterdam CS. Don’t miss this special opportunity to see a Genetic Choir concert in the (yet to be opened) station on 2 July! Tickets available here.



Loop-Copy-Mutate at STEIM this Friday

Join us at STEIM this Friday, 23 June and be the first to experience how we’re turning the sounds we’ve been gathering around Amsterdam Central Station into vocal instant compositions, as part of our Loop-Copy-Mutate project. This a try-out concert for the Noord/Zuidlijn premiere on 2 July.

You can listen here to some of the sounds we discovered, in a most unlikely place!

Audiences will have the chance to explore a series of interactive sound stations on Friday and enjoy a collaborative performance with STEIM veteran Robert van Heumen.


STEIM event page

Friday, 23 June / 20:30 / Tickets: 7,50

Two concerts on 2 July! Anthracite Fields & Loop-Copy-Mutate

On Sunday, 2 July, audiences will have the chance to immerse themselves in two, unique musical experiences within walking distance of each other: the Noord-Zuidlijn premiere of our Loop-Copy-Mutate project as well as the Dutch premiere of Anthracite Fields performed by Cappella Amsterdam & Bang on a Can All-Stars, as part of the 9th international Koorbiënnale Haarlem en Amsterdam.

Anthracite Fields will have one performance on Sunday at 15.00. You can catch Loop-Copy-Mutate beforehand at 13:00 or afterwards at 19:00 or 21:00

Anthracite Fields (Cappella Amsterdam & Bang on a Can All-Stars)

Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam

€34,-/ CJP en StadsPas € 27,-

Cappella Amsterdam and the prestigious American composers collective Bang on a Can All-Stars present the Dutch premiere of the widely acclaimed epic Anthracite Fields. In 2015, composer Julia Wolfe received the Pulitzer Prize for this pioneering vocal work. Anthracite Fields is about the demise of the once thriving mining industry in Pennsylvania. Julia Wolfe, who originates from this area, created a ‘requiem for the people’ with Anthracite Fields, interweaving interviews with former miners, local stories and songs from the region, amongst other things, into an impressive and highly topical composition. During the performance of the work, images by the American filmmaker and designer Jeff Sugg will be shown. His recordings capture the bankrupt mining industry.

Loop-Copy-Mutate – Music from People and Places

Noord-Zuidlijn metro (Amsterdam Central Station)

13:00 / (15:00) / 19:00 / 21:00
€ 17,50 / € 15 (CJP, studentcard, Stadspas)

In its latest concert series – Loop-Copy-Mutate: Music from People and Places – the Genetic Choir turns the station’s sounds into a choral performance. Underground, in the yet unfinished North-South Line metro station, the choir takes these sounds and – together with laptop musician Robert van Heumen and programmer Stelios Manousakis – uses them for an instant composition concert: Music as vital and unpredictable as the city itself.

Meer informatie (Nederlands):

9e Internationale Koorbiënnale Haarlem en Amsterdam
30 juni tot en met 9 juli 2017
Avontuurlijk vocaal festival op topniveau

De Koorbiënnale presenteert 10 dagen lang de mooiste internationale vocale topensembles van dit moment en verkent tegelijk ook de grenzen van de koormuziek. Het festival gaat gedurfde en creatieve kruisbestuivingen aan met andere kunstdisciplines zoals dans, film en beeldende kunst. De Koorbiënnale plaatst “samen zingen” in het hart van de samenleving en is niet bang een visie te geven op actuele en maatschappelijke thema’s. De podia van de Koorbiënnale zijn uniek en divers, van een lommerrijk landgoed, de romantische Haarlemse hofjes, de majestueuze Grote of St. Bavokerk tot en met het Amsterdamse Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ.

Zondag 2 juli 2017, 15.00 uur, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam
€34,-/ CJP en StadsPas € 27,-
Cappella Amsterdam & Bang on a Can All-Stars
Anthracite Fields
Nederlands première van baanbrekend Pulitzer Prize winnend werk

Cappella Amsterdam en het prestigieuze Amerikaanse componistencollectief Bang on a Can All-Stars brengen de Nederlandse première van het alom geprezen epos   Anthracite Fields. Componiste Julia Wolfe ontving in 2015 voor dit baanbrekende vocale werk de Pulitzer Prize. Anthracite Fields gaat over de teloorgang van de ooit zo florerende mijnindustrie in Pennsylvania. Julia Wolfe, afkomstig uit dit gebied, maakte met Anthracite Fields een ‘volksrequiem’,  waarbij zij onder andere interviews met voormalige mijnwerkers, lokale verhalen en liederen uit de regio verwerkte tot een indrukwekkende en zeer actuele compositie.
Het werk wordt uitgevoerd in combinatie met beelden van de Amerikaanse filmmaker en ontwerper Jeff Sugg die in zijn opnames de failliete mijnindustrie heeft vastgelegd.

Bang on a Can All-Stars
Cappella Amsterdam
Daniel Reuss, dirigent
Jeff Suff, visuele projecties
Julia Wolfe – Anthracite Fields

Coproductie met Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam


Genetic Choir Presenteert: Loop-Copy-Mutate

Ondergronds concert – Noord/Zuidlijn, Amsterdam CS

Locatie: Platform Noord/Zuidlijn onder Centraal Station

Hoe muzikaal is het Centraal Station?

Flarden van een telefoongesprek in duet met het zoete zoemen van een roltrap. Haastig klinkende voetstappen, een fluitsignaal, en een onverstaanbaar omroepbericht transformeren tot een stemmig lied – even later overstemd door een konvooi rolkoffers dat over tegels raast.

Tijdens Loop-Copy-Mutate maakt het vocale improvisatie ensemble Genetic Choir geluiden van het station als muziekstuk beluisterbaar. In de ondergrondse nieuwe metrohalte van de Noord/Zuidlijn verklankt het koor, samen met laptopmusicus Robert van Heumen en met participatie van het publiek, gesampelde stationsgeluiden tot een compositie die ter plekke ontstaat.

Een muziekstuk zo levend en veranderlijk als de stad zelf.

Op 2 juli zijn er vier uitvoeringen: om 13:00, 15:00, 19:00 en 21:00.


Sound-walking at Amsterdam CS

This Saturday 17 June (10:30), we will host our second sound walk at Amsterdam CS as part of our Loop-Copy-Mutate project. We will gather by the benches next to Mr. Sister (behind CS next to the ferry terminal). Send an email to soundwalks@genetic-choir.org to reserve a place.

What is a sound walk exactly? Read on for an impression from our participant, Maartje (luisterberichten.com):

I really enjoyed the sound walk! I liked the pleasant effect of moving and listening while remaining silent with a group. For me, it’s a calming experience, even though some spots are quite noisy. It also makes me feel cheerful. As if I’m tickled by certain sounds or being a member of an audience watching an entertaining play. And it’s quite addictive, not easy to leave behind afterwards. I’d say the experience made me more open to the environment, without fueling annoyance (like when you don’t feel well and you tend to be hypersensitive to other people’s (nervous) behaviour or loud and sharp sounds). 

I really liked the musical directions (time – structure – meaning). I’d say the combination of pointing my attention to these aspects of everyday sound as music, having experienced the environment which is the object of the concert in a personal and profound way and having tried to interpret sounds with my voice myself (which was both really difficult and great fun), very much increases my interest in the concert. I’m really looking forward to it!

You can also read an article by Margreet Bosma (in Dutch) about the sound walks and the Loop-Copy-Mutate project here.

Participation in the sound walk is free with a ticket for one of our concerts on 2 July in the yet to be opened NoordZuidlijn. Don’t miss this special opportunity to see the brand new metro station before it opens to the public!

Loop-Copy-Mutate event calendar:

Sat, 17 June (10:30) – Soundwalk, Amsterdam CS

Fri, 23 June (20:30) – Concert at STEIM, Amsterdam

Sun, 25 June (14:30) – Soundwalk, Amsterdam CS

Sun, 2 July (13:00/15:00/19:00/21:00) – NoordZuidlijn concerts, Amsterdam CS

Photo: Margreet Bosma


Loop-Copy-Mutate at STEIM

In June, our Loop-Copy-Mutate project will be featured in two events at STEIM in Amsterdam.

9 June: Open Studio at STEIM (15:00-19:00) Free

During the open studio day, we invite audiences to informally learn more about the Loop-Copy-Mutate project through interactive stations. Learn more.

23 June: Concert at STEIM (20:30) Tickets: 7,50

We will hold a special try-out concert with STEIM veteran Robert van Heumen and Stelios Manousakis for our forthcoming concert under Amsterdam Central Station on 2 July. The STEIM audience will be able to test – both computer-based and human-based – interactive sound stations that are part of the concert and listen to instantly composed vocal pieces based on the environmental sounds of Amsterdam CS. Learn more.

Hope to see you there!

Photo: Rene Castelijn

Three ways to listen…to an escalator?

Yesterday, we hosted our first public sound walk at Amsterdam CS with some very interesting discoveries. We were all impressed that we managed to find stillness and focus even in one of the busiest places in Amsterdam!

Some observations: One of our participants noticed that there were at least three ways to listen to an escalator! A number of people commented that this was the first time they had given this kind of attention to their surroundings, welcoming the opportunity to slow down and to listen.

Throughout the day, we invited people to copy the sounds that they heard with their voices, to add to our musical database of sounds for use during the forthcoming concerts on 2 July – creating a true symphony of sounds from Amsterdam CS!

There will be two more sound walks coming up this month on June 17 (10:30) and June 25 (14:30). Registration is free with a ticket for one of our 2 July concerts or you can purchase a ticket for the soundwalk only here.

A special thanks to Margreet Bosma who will write an article on the experience for the Gemeente Amsterdam and to Maartje Hermsen who mentions us in her blog, Luisterberichten.

Screenshot: Michiel Keller