Vocal Instant Composition

Workshops (EN)

Genetic Choir Workshops in 2011/2012

Workshops that are already planned with date and location, you can find by clicking here.

Other workshops will take place as soon as there are enough participants. So just tell us what interests you, and we will get back to you.

In the past, there have been workshops in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Just let us know where you live!
Workshops can be short (2 days) or longer (up to 6 days). Sometimes there is a concert at the end of the longer workshops.
Prices vary, but will be for example for a two day workshop 110 Euro (normal fee) or 75 Euro for pioneers (early booking fee).

State your interest simply by sending a message (see far below).

Genetic Choir workshop

A workshop about the basic skills for instant vocal composition. Improvising with your voice, while giving yourself over to the ‘beast’ of the Genetic Choir. Some of the skills you will learn are:

Surrender (don’t let your will rule your decisions)
One thing (learn to work/deepen your material)
Layers of music / Jungle of sound (find your place)
Quality of Listening
Quality of Engagement (ride that horse!)
Stillness and Timing



Voice Intensive

A voice/singing workshop with ample room for the individual voice. This is for beginners and advanced singers alike a possibility to dive deeper into real voice work (something the normal GC sessions don’t provide for). Advanced people choose their own focus and will be coached by me and each other. But also if you never worked with your voice before, this is a nice way to playfully explore your own relationship with your voice and musicality. We take a step back from ensemble work and give all the room for your personal (voice) development.


The Genetic Chamber Choir

A workshop for experienced improvisers who want to work on how to give whole concerts as an improvisation ensemble. Singing solo, duet, trio, creating long-spun symphonies and exhilarating rythms. Heating up material, letting it explode. Recycle it later. Subtleties of copying, counterpointing, absorbing and transforming. We will look at styles, textures, structures, story and how to use and mix them in a group of singers where nobody has the control.


Genetic Choir – Resonant Voices

A workshop on sound colours, textures and timbre. On letting space and body resonate with your voice. In this workshop it is all about sound work: Manipulating your timbre and mixing textures and frequencies when working as a group. You will become more adept in colouring your sound, you will start hearing details that you never assumed where there and use your body awareness to spread vibration through your whole body. And while our voices scratch against each other in clear open sounds, tones will appear that none of us is singing.  🙂

Let us know what would interest you through the form below:

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