Try out Aikido – season is starting!

Huh, aikido? I thought this was the Genetic Choir blog?

You are right! But not everyone will be surprised about this announcement here. Aikido principles pass by in many disguises while training your voice and improvisation with the Genetic Choir. If you ever balanced a stick or have cut other people in half during a workshop with Thomas, you know what this is about. 🙂😎

So if you sometimes thought: I want to experience more of this martial art that combines sensitivity with decisiveness, mutual connection with standing your ground, here’s your chance!

The aikido season is starting with lessons on Monday and Thursday evening at the dojo of Kishinkai Amsterdam at the Tolhuistuin (just across the water at Amsterdam Central Station).

It’s the dojo where Thomas is training every week and guest-teaching every now and again.

Check it out on
– The website is in Dutch, but English – also during the lessons – no problem!

Or simply send an email to Chuntug and Robert – the masters of the dojo – via

Trial lesson for free and an inexpensive first months to check it out – all possible.

And if you don’t live anywhere near, check out the nearest dojo in your city or town to improve your improvisation practice. Aikido is practiced in many different ways, and for that matter, any martial art should improve your sensitivity and split-second ability to make precise choices as a bird in a swarm of sounds!

fotos: Dennis Goedbloed

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  1. Dear reader Thank you for this email. I llllllllove Aikido. Did it a few years about 30 years ago. And now I am still fysically recovering. So maybe somewere in the future I will join you. Kind regards Angie
    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

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