Listen to Genetic Choir & 150 other artists on 24h IF festival!

We are looking forward to this week’s
IF Festival 2022
a 24-hour celebration of improvised arts happening worldwide this Friday night (from 2am Amsterdam time) all through to Saturday night. The festival will feature a lineup of 150+ amazing artists of all artistic disciplines from all around the world, performing original works.

Genetic Choir participates with a work created together with Cecilia Bengtsson, derived from our collaboration with her earlier this year: “Distribution“.

Watch the TRAILER of the festival here

Where do I watch / How do I tune in?

The festival will be streamed on the IF 2022 website ( under the “watch” tab. You can access the event through this link. We welcome you to treat yourself to a full festival experience as much as you can at home: invite your loved ones over and host a viewing party; bake a special dessert; lay in the hammock; make a blanket fort; ride the stationary bike—it’s up to you!

When does IF 2022 start and end? 

Given that IF 2022 is an international festival, it will begin and end different times depending on where you live. To find your local start time, please use the handy tool on our website.

What if I miss the festival? 

Much like an in-person festival, you can only experience IF 2022 on the days during which it is taking place: August 26th and 27th. This means that performances will only be available for the 24-hour duration of the festival.

Is there a schedule for IF 2022? 

In the spirit of discovery, this festival has no posted schedule. Depending on when you tune in, you may catch a performer you already know and love, but you might instead discover an intriguing performance by an act you’ve never experienced. Countering the experience of art on-demand, we want to invite chance, surprise, and ephemerality with IF 2022.