Tune into 24 hour improvisation festival this weekend!

As collaborator of WhatIIIF? Genetic Choir will be part of this international improvisation festival, streaming this Friday/Saturday from Canada:
A 10 minute compilation will be shown of the 12 hour WhatIIIF? event on 15 May in which Genetic Choir singers participated, together with improvising artists from around the globe.

IF – Improvfest 2021

Tune in!

It starts at midnight UTC+01 which is 1 am in the night for those of you living in Amsterdam. It will last for 25,5 hours, so you can easily also tune in while having coffee on Saturday morning. 🙂 If you live elsewhere on the globe, find your local start time here. Experience 150 artists, 10 minutes each, projected from Toronto but recorded in all the far corners of this rounded planet.

In the spirit of happenstance discovery, this festival has no posted schedule. Depending on when you tune in, you may catch a performer you already know and love, but you might instead discover an intriguing performance by an act you’ve never experienced. As we become more and more used to experiencing art on-demand, we feel it’s important to invite chance, surprise, and ephemerality into our experiences of artistic performance, especially in an online context.