23 June: Laboratory (Non)Corpus on WeMakeTheCity2019

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Everywhere in the world, the voice connects us. We speak, sing, listen and move each other with the vibrations of our voice. What touches us in the voice? What does the voice touch?

At a time when religious traditions are often seen as a divisive element of modern society, the Genetic Choir is developing a project that brings together both religious and secular Amsterdammers, celebrates the voice as a connecting element, and challenges city-dwellers to listen through the ears of a different context.

How is the voice experienced by a faithful Muslim, a faithful Christian, or a concert-goer of no faith? When does the voice touch something we have no words for?

Sunday, 23 June, 14:00-16:00
Dominicuskerk, Spuistraat 12, Amsterdam
free event! part of WeMakeTheCity2019

The (Non)Corpus project starts in 2019 with a series of ‘do-and-think’ encounters, to which we invite all those interested, starting with this laboratory on 23 June. We will facilitate first listening experiments and conversations, and you can work yourself with voice and sound this afternoon.

Additionally, you will have the possibility to register yourself to become more involved in this project in the autumn of this year. We are looking for a group of curious audience-collaborators who would like to follow us in our process, join the creative thinking process, and give us feedback on everything we develop.

In collaboration with mosques, churches and Pakhuis de Zwijger, (Non)Corpus organizes public workshops, meetings and concerts in October, November and December.

Become a ‘guide’ for the Genetic Choir in its search for the essence of the human voice!

Contact us if you are interested but cannot be there on 23 June (or you would like to know more): noncorpus@genetic-choir.org