What IIF? festival in Gothenborg and article in German Improfil journal

One of the side endeavours of the Genetic Choir is to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange about improvisation and the nomadic What IIIF? festival is a place where we do exactly that.

The third beta edition of the festival is coming up in Gothenborg, Sweden:

WHAT IIIF? 2019 – 16-19 May 2019

From all niches of Europe and beyond a good handful of improvisers will gather to play, eat and bend their heads together around the maybe impossible question:

How to document and reflect on improvisation in a meaningful way when it comes to interdisciplinarity?

An article has been published in the German improvisation journal “Improfil” last december, which was written by Thomas and his colleague initiators of the festival, Catharine and Benedikte. It gives a good insight into our utopian endeavour. Read it here.

And if after reading, you are interested to come to Gothenborg: feel welcome and read further in this pdf.


What IIIF logo Gothenburg 2019
artwork: Catharine Cary