Collaboration with MESH dancers in the making

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 09.39.17The public-space dance project MESH by choreographer Vanessa Grasse (UK) develops improvisation strategies that have great affinity with Genetic Choir principles.

We are dreaming about a public space project in Amsterdam next year that combines Genetic Choir singers and MESH dancers.

For the upcoming SPACE SOUND BODIES workshop this weekend in Amsterdam, Vanessa and two of her dance collaborators will join us from England for the Genetic Choir take on combining movement/space awareness and voice improvisation. We will also do an extra exploration session on Monday with Vanessa Grasse, Bettina Neuhaus and Ensemble singers.

For the SPACE SOUND BODIES workshop (Saturday+Sunday), anyone is welcome to join! There are still a few places left: click here for more info.