Frascati shows Genetic Choir related works this month

Dear Genetic Choir followers and friends,

it might interest you that the Amsterdam Theater Frascati has two events coming up with a connection to Genetic Choir:

On Saturday, 26th of January 2019, during COME TOGETHER #4, Burkhard Körner will show a work-in-progress durational performance of a performative research he started with Genetic Choir singers recently: VOCAL OBJECTS (from 19:35 to 21:20)

Can we create a texture of voices that makes us see vibrations and structures in space?
Can a voice act as strong as a laser installation?
Is it possible to leave traces that we start remembering the vocal impact across the space?

This will happen next to many other events and performances all over Frascati. Full program is here.

One week later, on

1+2 February 2019, 20:30, Frascati shows the performance VOICE by Loïc Perela, which premiered on Kampnagel (K3), in Hamburg last year.

VOICE is about holding space together
It is sharing a listening
A dance you can watch eyes closed
Sound as dancing images

Loïc and his dancers received a three day workshop of Genetic Choir work by Thomas at the beginning of their rehearsal period in Rotterdam. Go now and see what it has become!

Read more about the performance here.

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 18.01.23