After having been the guest of the Genetic Choir in Amsterdam in 2017, the IIIF is striking down in London this weekend! Be welcome to any of the events, if you are in the neighbourhood. 🙂

Interdisciplinary Instant Composition

IMG_0522What IIIF ? London is beta 0.2 of the Interdisciplinary International Improvisation Festival.  This research festival (the first was in Amsterdam in 2017) brings together researchers from around Europe to ask the absurd question, ‘How/Can improvisation be documented ?’

The festival moves within the London Improvisation scene and includes workshops, performances and reflection sessions.  We use only one method of documentation for each iteration of the festival.  For IIIF Amsterdam, it was video.  For What IIIF ? LONDON, it’s writing.  Writing it down, on paper, on a computer, on a board, on your hand, printing, printing pages somewhere, cursive, upside down, backwards.

Independent, artist-run and self-organized, nomadic and iterative, absent or present, it’s open to everyone who is interested.

Public venues :

Thursday, 27/09 6 pm Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, SW11 4AN LONDON
PERFORMANCE Facebook Event
Saturday 29/09 10:20 am Middlesex Filter Beds Nature Reserve

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