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Good memories of 2017, new plans for 2018!

A Happy New Year to everyone!

What a year this has been… We never did a project the size of Loop-Copy-Mutate before, which was an immense adventure, but also hugely rewarding in the experiences we were able to give to so many people. If you haven’t seen it, watch below the film of the Amsterdam Central Station concerts.


But you might not have noticed:

Of the 12 performances that the Genetic Choir gave in 2017, five were not at all Loop-Copy-Mutate concerts. If you are curious what else we did, have a look in our Concert Archive.

It was an amazing year, in which we made a lot of new friends and spread the gospel of deep listening and free improvisation music everywhere we went.

and 2018 …?

  • We start the Genetic Choir year on the 12th of January with new Friday morning sessions of Genetic Choir singing (fixed group, every two weeks, eight times). If you would still like to join, click for more information here.
  • We have a Language workshop coming up and a Space/Sound/Bodies workshop.
  • We will have a new collaboration with our friends of the Vorlesebuhne Utrecht on 17 March 2018. Title of the evening with poets, writers and Genetic Choir singers will be “Melk bij de Wijn” (the farmers edition).


  • We are preparing a trilogy of new Church Songs for the 21st Century concerts, to follow up and deepen the themes and collaborations that we initiated in the first two concerts in 2015 and 2016. Research and preparations for this will comprise a good part of our coming year.
    With this new trilogy, the Genetic Choir will create three different concerts under the title (Non)Corpus which will explore the mystical relationship between the physical and the non-phyisical, and the relationship between age-old spiritual traditions in music making and improvisation.

    The first (Non)Corpus concert is planned for November/December 2018.

And of course, we don’t know what else the future will bring…  🙂

Have great year. Take care of yourself and of the ones around you!

We are looking forward to see you, sing with and for you, and be warmly inspired by your presence whenever you will be with us.

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