Vocal Instant Composition

SPACE / SOUND / BODIES – 26 + 27 May 2018

Our body, the space around us and our voice are all subtly connected: if one changes, the other two are affected. To become more aware of this triple interaction and be able to play with it is the focus for these two days with the Genetic Choir Ensemble in May.


a Genetic Choir workshop

The workshop is welcoming everyone who doesn’t mind moving and using their voice. Although most of the group will be comprised of experienced Genetic Choir members and performers, you are welcome with any degree of experience.

We will find that being in relationship opens the voice, whether that relationship is with objects, architecture, or other bodies.  Any type of space – imaginative and concrete – can have profound influence on our sound and music. Everyday life trains us not to be too influenced by spatial and bodily relationships, but for improvisers this is where the magic happens in live performance.

In these two days we will give this interdependence all our attention, so that we can play with it, be moved and surprised and use space, voices and bodies to their fullest ability.

26 + 27 May 2018 / 10:30-17:00  /  130,10 Euro (110,- excl.VAT) / Amsterdam

To reserve your place in the workshop:

  1. send us an e-mail via
    workshops@genetic-choir.org with your
    – name (and account owner from where you made the payment)
    – telephone number
  2. please transfer the workshop fee by clicking this payment link

You can cancel your place in the workshop until 6 weeks before and then receive your inscription fee back in full.

Looking forward to play with you in that wondrous space between sound and bodies!

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