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Sound-walking at Amsterdam CS

This Saturday 17 June (10:30), we will host our second sound walk at Amsterdam CS as part of our Loop-Copy-Mutate project. We will gather by the benches next to Mr. Sister (behind CS next to the ferry terminal). Send an email to soundwalks@genetic-choir.org to reserve a place.

What is a sound walk exactly? Read on for an impression from our participant, Maartje (luisterberichten.com):

I really enjoyed the sound walk! I liked the pleasant effect of moving and listening while remaining silent with a group. For me, it’s a calming experience, even though some spots are quite noisy. It also makes me feel cheerful. As if I’m tickled by certain sounds or being a member of an audience watching an entertaining play. And it’s quite addictive, not easy to leave behind afterwards. I’d say the experience made me more open to the environment, without fueling annoyance (like when you don’t feel well and you tend to be hypersensitive to other people’s (nervous) behaviour or loud and sharp sounds). 

I really liked the musical directions (time – structure – meaning). I’d say the combination of pointing my attention to these aspects of everyday sound as music, having experienced the environment which is the object of the concert in a personal and profound way and having tried to interpret sounds with my voice myself (which was both really difficult and great fun), very much increases my interest in the concert. I’m really looking forward to it!

You can also read an article by Margreet Bosma (in Dutch) about the sound walks and the Loop-Copy-Mutate project here.

Participation in the sound walk is free with a ticket for one of our concerts on 2 July in the yet to be opened NoordZuidlijn. Don’t miss this special opportunity to see the brand new metro station before it opens to the public!

Loop-Copy-Mutate event calendar:

Sat, 17 June (10:30) – Soundwalk, Amsterdam CS

Fri, 23 June (20:30) – Concert at STEIM, Amsterdam

Sun, 25 June (14:30) – Soundwalk, Amsterdam CS

Sun, 2 July (13:00/15:00/19:00/21:00) – NoordZuidlijn concerts, Amsterdam CS

Photo: Margreet Bosma


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