Vocal Instant Composition

Loop-Copy-Mutate at STEIM

In June, our Loop-Copy-Mutate project will be featured in two events at STEIM in Amsterdam.

9 June: Open Studio at STEIM (15:00-19:00) Free

During the open studio day, we invite audiences to informally learn more about the Loop-Copy-Mutate project through interactive stations. Learn more.

23 June: Concert at STEIM (20:30) Tickets: 7,50

We will hold a special try-out concert with STEIM veteran Robert van Heumen and Stelios Manousakis for our forthcoming concert under Amsterdam Central Station on 2 July. The STEIM audience will be able to test – both computer-based and human-based – interactive sound stations that are part of the concert and listen to instantly composed vocal pieces based on the environmental sounds of Amsterdam CS. Learn more.

Hope to see you there!

Photo: Rene Castelijn

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