Vocal Instant Composition

Three ways to listen…to an escalator?

Yesterday, we hosted our first public sound walk at Amsterdam CS with some very interesting discoveries. We were all impressed that we managed to find stillness and focus even in one of the busiest places in Amsterdam!

Some observations: One of our participants noticed that there were at least three ways to listen to an escalator! A number of people commented that this was the first time they had given this kind of attention to their surroundings, welcoming the opportunity to slow down and to listen.

Throughout the day, we invited people to copy the sounds that they heard with their voices, to add to our musical database of sounds for use during the forthcoming concerts on 2 July – creating a true symphony of sounds from Amsterdam CS!

There will be two more sound walks coming up this month on June 17 (10:30) and June 25 (14:30). Registration is free with a ticket for one of our 2 July concerts or you can purchase a ticket for the soundwalk only here.

A special thanks to Margreet Bosma who will write an article on the experience for the Gemeente Amsterdam and to Maartje Hermsen who mentions us in her blog, Luisterberichten.

Screenshot: Michiel Keller





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