Vocal Instant Composition

New project: Loop-Copy-Mutate

Loop-Copy-Mutate is both a performance and research project that explores the boundaries of vocal and electronic instant composition, opening up the experience to audiences as a large-scale collaborative experiment. We welcome audiences to take part in an upcoming event as part of our year-long concert series, inviting sound contributions from people in cities across the Netherlands and around the world.


Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven – April 16, 2017

in collaboration with Fransien Bal’s exhibition NO WORDS TODAY and Ilse Vandenbussche

STEIM – date to be announced

Noord/Zuidlijn Tunnel Concert (Amsterdam Centraal Station) – July 2, 2017

Tickets on sale from May 22nd. For advance ticket reservations, please contact meagan.mtbc@gmail.com

Audiences are invited to join us for an interactive, ‘instant composition’ experience, drawing upon the sights and sounds of Amsterdam as inspiration. Don’t miss this opportunity for a sneak preview of the brand new Noord/Zuidlijn station!

Would you like to attend an upcoming concert and lend your voice to this project? LEARN MORE 


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