Workshops in 2017

28+29 January 2017 – RESONANCE & VOICE TEXTURES

a Genetic Choir workshop

(1) resonance_originalThe voice is a special system in our body – it is eager to learn and it reacts to its own sounds. By opening your ears alone, your voice can learn to become more free and resonant.

This workshop will improve your voice by focussing for one weekend on the aspects of sound that are often overlooked: resonance, texture, timbre, overtones. Whatever level of experience you are at, this work will increase your singing skill: Beginners will be surprised about the round and resonant sound that their voice will gain, and the ease of singing that comes with it. Experienced and professional singers will improve their ability to do precision-work in this area: Using timbre and textures to compose music, solo and ‘en groupe’. How to create both soothing carpets of sound and grinding dissonant cluster-chords. How to develop the music together, how to dissolve your voice in a sea of sounds, but also make clearly defined choices and go your own way, if you are inclined to.

In the cold month of January a workshop that will warm you up from the inside and get your whole body to resonate!

Dates: 28th + 29th of January 2017
Times: 10:30-17:00 (both days)
Place: Amsterdam (studio Wladiwostok, Bogortuin 16)
Costs: 110,- Euro excl.VAT / 133,10 incl.

To reserve a place, or ask your questions, please send a message to:


11+12 February 2017 – THE EDGE OF LANGUAGE

language_edge_closera Genetic Choir workshop

When we improvise with our voices, sometimes sounds emerge which are language-like, or even very much like comprehensible words. How do we treat this moment when singers are on the verge of becoming improvising poets?

It is fun to play with the sound of words, mix them and change them. It is what children do a lot and it is a bliss to indulge ourselves into this word-sound playfulness.
But as improvisers, we are looking for more: clarity and depth of expression, not only in music but also when words come in to play. For the audience, the shift from music to words is sudden, because our minds work that way: they cling to understandable words and
story whenever they can. So how do we treat this shift as improvisers? How do we keep the imagination open when words pretend to pin down all meaning? Can we serve both, the god of poetry and the god of music? Or even better: can we stay in the no-mans land between music and meaning, and take all our time to balance on the Edge of Language?

Two full days, 10:30-17:00  /  110,- exBTW (130,10 incl.)   /  Amsterdam

To reserve a place, or ask your questions, please send a message to:

8 + 9 April 2017 – MATERIAL GROOVES

a Genetic Choir workshop

When do we feel that something really grooves? Isn’t it often a gut feeling, something as profound and physical as the ground under our feet? So what can concrete, physical stuff teach us about being ‘groovy’? Where can puppeteers/artists/sculptors and singers meet in their understanding of material?

groovy monkeyThis workshop will be a vocal and musical adventure, blending the idea of groove with the idea of working with physical material. The Genetic Choir works often site-specific, creating instant compositions for the places they sing in. This workshop wants to go deeper into this exploration and integration of environment, ‘feeling the groove’ of the music and the stuff that surrounds us.

The groove is what creates the music – quite literal when it concerns the vinyl LPs that for a long time were the source of music in most living rooms: It is the actual, physical groove in the record that the playhead of the record player is running through, that is creating the music – the patterns in the material are being ‘read’ by the playhead and the information stored in the vinyl is translated into sound.

How can we create vocal music from physical material in meaningful way? Let’s find out!

Two full days, 10:30-17:00  /  110,- exBTW (130,10 incl.)  /  Amsterdam

To reserve a place, or ask your questions, please send a message to: