Vocal Instant Composition

kick-off Loop-Copy-Mutate in Leeuwarden

Tomorrow in the Westerkerk, Leeuwarden, as part of the Media Art Friesland Festival:
13:00-14:00 open laboratory Loop-Copy-Mutate
16:00-17:00  concert Loop-Copy-Mutate
mirror_evolution_lcm_logo2On December 17, the Genetic Choir will bring their unique art of vocal instant composition to Media Art Friesland, as part of a year-long project (Loop-Copy-Mutate) exploring live and electronic sampling methods of the voice. The performance project explores the possibilities and challenges of large-scale collaboration in contemporary and digital music, inviting hundreds of contributors to lend their voice to Genetic Choir compositions.
The choir will host an open studio for festival attendees (13:00- 14:00) to learn more about the project and involve them in the copy/mutate process of vocal samples collected from people in the city centre that morning, asking them to listen to and copy sounds of their city.
At 16:00 the Genetic Choir will sing a concert based on the sounds and mutations collected and transformed by the public.
You are very welcome!
Westerkerk, Bagijnestraat 59, Leeuwarden

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