Playful Music Education :)

ijopner-gc-article-croppedAn article appeared in the Amsterdam local paper “Ijopener” with a good description of the improvisation philosophy behind Genetic Choir workshops and the new initiative to offer workshops for kids as well (VoiceLab / Eester Imps)

Read it here. (for Dutch readers and Google translators 🙂 )

Moments in the near future to experience Genetic Choir work:

29+30 October  MELODY MAKERS workshop, Amsterdam

4 November       EVENSONG (a bird song concert on Utrecht CS i.c.w. Marcus Coates)

2 December       CHURCH SONGS FOR THE 21st CENTURY (Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam – mixing music of western and non-western spiritual cultures. info/tickets here)

28+29 January  RESONANCE AND SOUND TEXTURES workshop, Amsterdam


and – new – for kids:


Wednesday afternoons in Studio de Eester, Van Eesterenlaan 266, Amsterdam.

two groups:  5-6 year olds  //  7-10 year olds   //  more info and/or inscribe via