Japan tour with puppeteers

The Genetic Choir Ensemble is set to travel to Japan in September this year, to first perform on the Creative Music Festival 2016 in Hiroshima, and afterwards join Bunraku company Mokugu-sha on a small tour in Tokushima prefecture. Performances in Japan will be on 18/19 September and 22/25 September 2016.

We are very happy for this opportunity to work interdisciplinary with puppetry, as the special link between inanimate objects and sound will also be a focus on this weekend’s Genetic Choir workshop in Amsterdam: Material Grooves (2/3 april)

The upcoming visit to Japan will help us to investigate further a bigger Japan project that we are brewing on for 2017/2018, envisioned as a multi-disciplinary research between puppeteers, dancers, singers and water-engineers. (!)

Save the dates if you happen to be near Hiroshima or Tokushima in autumn.  🙂