Vocal Instant Composition

Two interdisciplinary workshops coming up!

In the next four weeks, the Genetic Choir will hold two intensive weekend workshops, open to anyone who – like us – is interested in the subjects of voice, dance, space and material (stuff) in improvisation performance.

phrases_stillstbr_4_crop_for_blog12+13 March – SPACE SOUND BODIES

“Find your space and you will find your voice” – We will investigate this strange notion and find that while everyday life trains us to ignore that our voice, people around us and the space we are in are all interconnected, for improvisers this is exactly where the magic happens!


When do we feel that something really grooves? Isn’t it often a gut feeling, something as profound and physical as the ground under our feet? So what can concrete, physical stuff teach us about being ‘groovy’? Where can the puppeteer/artist/sculptor and the singer meet, in their understanding of material? Let’s find out!

Click on the links to go the the workshop page for more info. You can let us know that you are interested to join us by sending a message via the contact page or to workshops@genetic-choir.org


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