Vocal Instant Composition

Vocal Impro Session at De Pletterij, Haarlem


What happens if you invite singers from different styles and languages to improvise together? Will it be a cacaphony? A tower of Babel? Will the singers understand each other and let each other finish their lines?

Pauni singer Juliette van Dijk asked a singer from Syria (Ahmad), a singer from Lybia (Waheed), two singers who sing Bulgarian folk (Pauni Trio), two experimental pop singers (Grey Lotus), some allround vocal improvisors and members of the Genetic Choir to take up this challenge.

Will the universal language of music transcend the differences?

We’re sure to find out at 17 december 2015 – Pletterij Impro Sessies (start: 20:30 hrs).

Adres: De Pletterij, Lange Herenvest 122, 2011 BX Haarlem

023 542 35 40      info@pletterij.nl

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